510 Dawes Rd
Toronto, ON M4B

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This place is badly infested with roaches. I've lived here for many years, and have gone through periods where I didn't see any, but always they come back with a vengeance. I was told by management that one tenant on the ground floor is "so infested that we didn't even bother to treat her unit" which obviously explains why it has been impossible to get rid of them elsewhere. I keep my place clean and tidy and am vigilant with killing any I see and making sure no food or crumbs are left out, but

the entire building is infested, so my efforts prove ineffective. Management doesn't appear to care about the building, or its cleanliness.

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I have lived at 510 Dawes Road for a year and a half. I have a new some that I paid 1200 for and a bed for 2000 that are both infested with bed bugs! From what I hear from other tenants the whole building is infested.

al over da place

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