2892 St Clair Ave E
Toronto, ON M4B

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I moved in year 2009 and have enjoyed my stay here. One tenant who moved here have complained that they have bed bugs. But after investigation it was a false alarm. I have seen management do proper procedures to prevent it even though it was a false alarm which was pretty impressive. I still currently live here and have not seen any bugs ever

When we first moved in everything was great!!
After about 4 months of living there we noticed cockroaches here and there. We advised the landlords, and they had our place sprayed by orkin. It seamed to work for the first day or 2 and then they'd always come back!
So we proceeded to have them come back numerous times.
On the 5/6th month there were cochrosches everywhere! And my boyfriend suffers from mild OCD, so everything had to be clean from top to bottom.
We had them in our dishwasher,

our microwave, our toaster, and in the cupboards. We knew we had to move.
Starting to look for a new place, and counting down the days we could leave, we began noticed bites in our bodies. we ripped out couch and bed apart. Lord and behold... Bed bug!!! Right away we told our landlord and he reccomended orkin come in again. Again, we were sprayed 3/4 times. They began to get worse and worse. Then we found out the people across the hall from us suffered from them too!
We started to throw everything out and we were officially moving. We did not care if we broke the lease or not.

It was my worse nightmare. We through out more then half our things.. About 2500.00 worth, and had to find money to move.
When we gave our notice, the landlord was an absolute bully about it, and showed no compassion!

To top things off, we were there when they were showing our place to potential tenants. They directly asked if they had any bug problems. And the landlord confidently answered with a "NO"!!!!!! I Couldnt believe what I was hearing!! Lied straight to their faces!!
Did they tell us the same thing?
Renters beware!! This place is overflowing with bugs!! Bed bugs, cochrosches, and slumlords!

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Apartments on the first and second floors are infested with bed bugs, unbearable, I'll have to move and leave everything here so I don't take any with me. No one cares about it.

i am moving from 2892 st.clair ave east the bed bugs here are unbarrable the whole building is crawling with bedbugs and nothing is being done about it .also has cockroaches everywhere pluse rats ....not a good place to wanna live

2892 st.clair ave east is full of bed bugs roaches mice and rats this building was clean till METCAP took over if i were you i wouldnt rent from this very old run down place

My aptartment as well as several others in this building have become infested with bed bugs. apt. 302 and 4 other units on the 3rd floor. 6 units on the 2nd floor were also infested. I am not sure of the number of units infested on the 1st floor or basement of this building. the 2nd floor was sprayed, shortly there after the 3rd floor became infested. I am moving out 2892 st clair ave because the bugs just seem to be moving from unit to unit.

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