2892 St Clair Ave E
Toronto, ON M4B

Found 3 reports:

i am moving from 2892 st.clair ave east the bed bugs here are unbarrable the whole building is crawling with bedbugs and nothing is being done about it .also has cockroaches everywhere pluse rats ....not a good place to wanna live

2892 st.clair ave east is full of bed bugs roaches mice and rats this building was clean till METCAP took over if i were you i wouldnt rent from this very old run down place

My aptartment as well as several others in this building have become infested with bed bugs. apt. 302 and 4 other units on the 3rd floor. 6 units on the 2nd floor were also infested. I am not sure of the number of units infested on the 1st floor or basement of this building. the 2nd floor was sprayed, shortly there after the 3rd floor became infested. I am moving out 2892 st clair ave because the bugs just seem to be moving from unit to unit.

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