2 Park Vis
Toronto, ON M4B

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I'm thinking of moving to 8 park vista . Can anyone please tell me if they or someone they know has had any problems recently.

i am being evicted for non payment of rent because of the bed bug infestation at 7 park vista they are coming out of the walls and plugs outlets and anywhere else they have been hiding capriet has put a clause in my lease that any pest problem is my problem ,i am in a 2 bed room and my smaller bed room you can see where they are coming from behind the bedroom door there is a crack about 1/2 meter long and they are coming out buy the hundreds DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!

I am at 2 park vista and have been fumigated once on oct 5th, had the green light to go home after waiting 12 days for everything to settle. we were told there was nothing in the apmt and everything was clean. 2 days after moving back in i found more bed bugs in my room. Capriet is slacking on getting this problem fixed, dont move into park vista. bed bugs are the friggen WORST THING EVER! ruined how i sleep and over all my life..

I am at 7 Park Vista and discovered them in my apartment. It's awful!

i also have bed bugs im on the 5th floor

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