[65 - 103] Halsey Ave
Toronto, ON M4B

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Serious roach infestation in this building. No matter how many times pest control is called in, the job is done half assed; four units fogged at one time as opposed to the entire building.

Yes the lobby stinks like weed I don't know of bedbugs but roaches yes yes yes. Some floors have very very annoying loud ppl and don't mind there business no name to mention. But they are aesthetically cleaning the bldg demolition is going on but I saw 75 Halsey finished and looks Nice but a fast job thy painted the doors nbuy with no care and detail, BT at least our rent is being put to good use.... But the prices I see the charge for a 2bdrmn cf crazy $1350 wow. Amy way the management is new a

nd working towards all better buy really there is a lot of WHITE TRASH HERE AND THEY DONT CARE

see full report...

Exactly like the previous guy said.Lobby stinks like weed (probably is) and having trouble with cockroaches.

Cockroaches and lobby stinks like weed.

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