Eglinton Ave E
Toronto, ON M4A

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I am living in Toronto (Canada) in a nice and clean apartment. I am living in this apartment from 1 and half years. Lately like 3 months back I got skin allergies and i was not able to understand the cause. I checked with doctor and he prescribed some ointment (cream). The cream also didn't heal my allergies. I was so upset. I thought i got this skin infection from eating something from outside. Doctor told me skin allergies can happen from various factor like calcium or vitamins. He took my blo

od test and got the report. I had calcium and vitamin D deficiency. He asked me to drink lot of milk but still i was not able to recover from this continuos skin disease.

One day i woke up from my sleep in the night and what i saw, there were 3 bed bugs on my bed. I was shocked. I told my wife that i am getting this allergies from these bugs only. I don't know what to do. I never complaint to the apartment superintendent thinking that they may ask us to vacate the apartment. I still didnt inform my apartment manager because i have already given notice to vacate the apartment. I will be shifting to Regina in Saskatchewan in December 2008.

My address is:
Goldengate Apartment
911-1780, Eglinton Avenue East,
North York,
Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
Canada M4A 2T2

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