35 Tobermory Dr
Toronto, ON M3N

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I moved in to 35 tobermmory drive November, 2014. the first 2 months was good. From January 2015 up till now (October, 2015) i have been battling with bugs and cockroaches. The management treated the apartment up to 6 times and they could not still get rid of it. The building as far as i am concerned is messed up, i have cockroaches crawling around my son crib, my bed, they are in my stove and fridge not to talk of the washroom. They are just everywhere in the house, it got so bad i could not di

sh food and leave it on the kitchen counter tops because the roaches crawl of some place i do not know and are all over the food. This building needs help.

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I has moving in october 15,2014.I have 2 little girl 2 yrs and 3yrs i dont know whats happen with my unit but really cold,my unit was cold more than walking way im call the manager so many time lets them known to fix but they said...beacuse out site too cold thats why my unit cold,my kids gots sick all the time.They prosmise they will fix but im waiting 2 month nobody do anything

I have been here for about 3 months but I was aware of this how ever moved in with one year contact. I faced same as that landlord failed to control insects , bedbugs and cockroach and other Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 and other federal and municipal governments of health and safety ,housing standards. under 20 of tenancies act , failed to maintain rental property in good conditions, leaking from roof , over heating in top floor , no intercom working so u cant open doors for your visitors ,

elevator is licenced with valid sticker how ever not good working conditions that danger to emergency, fitness room and recreation rooms are removed but it was under your amenities and feature of apartment that was included in your rent, underground parking may be in questions of where and how to park or enter out because believed to be under zooming concerns that was not designed and or approved by municipal governments. heating ventilations and kitchen and was rooms are not cleaned or clear path or working conditions.2014, june. I feel bad calling to Investigation and Enforcement Unit other then moving out and finding other good apartment

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Moved into the apartment, and after 1 year my unit was infested with bed bugs that crawled through the electrical outlets into my unit. I had evidence of this and managment said it wasn't their problem. At the time there were no pest control agencies to get rid of them so I lost everything I owned and even had to burn my son's crib. I still have not been paid for my loss.

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