25 San Romanoway
Toronto, ON M3N

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i moved in 25 san romanoway (greenwin) sometime in aug 2014 and started to get bites a few weeks afterwards. first, i was thinking it was mosquitoes because i had the window open. i am now in the fourth month (its now winter) of living here and i came to conclude that there are possible change of bedbug. i then report this issue to the landlord and he had said that there are 5 cases from other units in this building as of this point. so they give me some papers to follow the required steps to c

ontained the situation but this is where my concern is that my all laundry had to be washed as part of the steps to followed. they refused to compensate for the inconveniences and the cost of my laundry and if i can't up keep the unit after the bedbug treatment is done then they can file a case against me for not maintaining my unit. Where is the justice in this? Oh by the way it was not my wrong doing that the building is infested with bedbug.

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