160 Chalkfarm Dr
Toronto, ON M3L

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I live in 160 and I have had numberous cockroaches in and out of my home - but when i got bed bugs and no support in October and November 2014 -- I had to throw everything out and start over

My friend lives here and I slept over one night and left with bites all over my arm and leg.

I have killed 41 bedbugs and I have only lived here for 2 days. I have never seen these devilish insects before until now. Stay away from 160 Chalkfarm Drive as it stinks here. The super has not even come by to do anything. There are bees in the balcony, roaches in the kitchen and spiders in the living room. Save your money and live in a CLEAN building because this building is corrupted.

Had bedbugs at this address since summer 10..we are clean people who continue to sanitize and try to eliminate them as best as we can. it started with a mass nest on the corner of our mattress, we believe they came through the cracks of the walls from the next apartment. we cannnot sleep in peace here at this building and the building management does not seem to be acting on this problem as they should. this building is very old and there are many overall renovations and updates that need to be

done before you could call this place home. it also is home to many a cockroaches

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Around the beginning of August 2010 I started noticing strange bites. The bites went away, but were replaced by new ones and I am continually bitten, still. A few days ago I actually saw a few fully grown bed bugs. About the middle of September I had seen some small, unknown bugs that looked similar to bed bugs and killed them (maybe adolescents?).
Going to contact management for this apartment complex as well as Toronto Health Connection...

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