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Toronto, ON M3J

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40 fountainhead OMG! MARVELOUS, POOR MANAGEMENT.you request for maintainace for small thing ,it wii take 6 months to fix,bugs everywhere,dirty laundry too low heat and all the stuff. stayed here for 2 months and am planning to move

I've lived here for 4 years (I'm a student at York), and as long as you're clean and don't leave food lying around,you shouldn't have to worry about roaches. They are in the building though, and there have been reports of bed bugs in the building too (but I've never encountered them, and I think the supers keep on top of it with exterminators). I've lived on floors 10 and 11, and at one point my neighbour had a terrible infestation--but I never saw any roaches in my traps. I see a roach maybe on

ce every three months, but then I clean my kitchen up really well. Just keep clean and you'll be roach free!

WARNING! DO NOT live on floor 5 or below--that's where the roaches are the worst and it's hard to get rid of them. If you're going to get a place, make sure to get something in the middle of the building or higher. I can't stress this enough, it's TERRIBLE on the lower floors and all of my friends have horror stories from down there.

The water is turned off once a month for maintenance (?) and it's not a huge issue, but sometimes a little annoying if you want to make some tea. If you're nice to the supers/building managers, they'll be nice to you. Just say hi to them and ask them how they're doing--just be decent because they're pretty okay once you talk to them.

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I have been living here for over 20yrs and I must
say that although I have never had roaches or
bugs. I do know that people on the lower floors
have this problem. Every summer an inspection is
done and my apt has always passed. I think the
reason for this is because I take extra care
and don't wait on mgmt to fix problems. One
night I went to the kitchen to get some water,
as I turned on the light, I saw this huge roach comm
comming out of the kitchen vent. The next day I
went and

bought some of the gel and put it
around the area, that was over a year ago.
When I first moved into this building, they were
very particular about who they rented to. You
couldn't have asked for better, now its just any
one who pays the rent. People are disgusting,
regardless of what the mgmt does, its our home and
we should make sure we do our part to keep it clean
As much as I love animals, I don't love the owners who do not take care of what the animals do. Dog
Poo is all over the outside of the building.
The problem that management is responsible for and they are not doing anything about is the elevator which has an average wait time of 10mins or more.
I think the management needs to screen the tenants better and also do a bug check the day after they move their possessions in, since this problem came from tenants bringing infected furniture into the building. I also think they need to do their part by replacing the elevators as temp fixes don't do anything.
At the end of the day its team work, if the management and the tenants each do their part, we can all enjoy the building. However, if I see a single bed bug, I AM OUT OF HERE!!!

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I have lived in this building for 3-4 years and it's a great place to live if you're moving to the area and just starting out on your own or with a family.

As with all things, there are good and bad things about this place. I'll start with the good.

The location is great; it's close to York University. There's a great nature path 2 feet away from the building. There's also an express bus that goes straight to Downsview Station in 10 minutes or less. It's close to Finch Street, which run

s 24-hours.

The building's management is pretty nice and flexible. The laundry room is open at all times and the move in elevator is usable and everyone understands if they can't use it for the time being.

The units are large and the walls are pretty insulated. (I like playing loud music)


The negatives are the roaches, which were not that bad until about a month ago. They were mainly contained to the lowers floors, but the building's managers are good about getting the place sprayed, gelled or powered about twice a month, which keeps them away.

The elevators are a problem when you're waiting and 2 of the 4 don't work. The close button on the elevators doesn't work, but that's because it's an old building.

Pigeons, Pigeons, Pigeons. They fly constantly on my balcony and on my window ledge. There's a hawk that flies around to eat them and they're not on everyone's balcony.

The neighbours are great and the building allows pets. They might be a bit annoying when you're watching TV, or trying to sleep.


Other than that, I give this place a 7/10. I've had nothing but good experiences here, and I would recommend it to anyone who would like a large unit and space for the rental price.

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I moved into this building on November 2012. Since then I haven't unpacked my things. Although I haven't seen bedbugs in the unit, there is definitely a cockroach infestation.

I can not imagine being able to live here. I am actively looking for a new place for December. For those who moved-out before their lease ended, did you ever get your last month's rent back?

I am going to their corporate building next week to terminate my lease. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks.

I moved in here September 2012, and am still here. I am disgusted by this place. NOBODY puts their garbage down the shoot properly and that has contributed to the growing cockroach problem. Of course they never told me about them before I moved in. A week later, I was seeing cockroaches every single day. I have been here for 3 months now, and am not only dealing with cockroaches but now I am getting bitten my bed bugs.
I put a written complaint in a month ago and still have not heard anything


The management here does not give a shit about ANYTHING, and now I know why the prices seemed so reasonable at first.
I am paying 875 dollars a month to live with cockroaches and bed bugs.

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I moved in to this apartment building in September 2012, few days later I found some kind of insect bites on my arms and legs, at first I thought I was allergic to something. Then last week I found a bedbug crawling on my mattress. I reported to the building manager immediately. She said she will make an appointment for pest control. Last night I found 2 bedbugs on my mattress and another one this morning. I am getting bite 3-4 times a day/night, I am not sure how effective the pest control will

be (they are coming this Tuesday). I am hoping to move out but I am in one year lease and I am afraid I will bring the bedbugs to the new place.

Besides bedbugs, I also saw roaches 3 times within the past 2 weeks.

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I asked the management team if there was any infestations or any exterminations that were done in this building they said NO!!! Iwas at the apartment many times before I moved in and didnt see any roaches. The day I moved in they were EVERYWHERE. I moved out the same day and am fighting for my money back. It was disgusting they were in the shower head and in the fridge and sink. The management team at this building is inhumane, rude and very unprofessional and disresepctful. 6/10 apartments are

nice but very very filthy 0/10 cleanliness. I spoke to people that lived in the building and they all have roaches and dont care. DISGUSTING!!!!!

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I don't know about the rest of the people, but I know i have the worse case roach infestation EVER! I am absolutely anal about cleanliness more than god himself! Scenarios:

1.) In front of the elevators, especially my floor (16th). They actually we're in the elevator, crawling up the walls where i had to smack it. One time, i got off the elevator (either on the ground floor or my floor) where the roach hitched a ride w/ me cuz i see them coming off the elevator with me!! Obviously, i ran afte

r it and smooshed it.

2.) My balcony have roaches (summertime). I was chilling right by my packed boxes where i had a glass of water rested on one of the boxes. A roach decided to have a drink of my water and chilled w/ me. I didn't give it the liberty to survive it's next chillin time w/ me.

3.) On my office desk where i was chillin and doing some work in front of my computer. A lonely big sucker roach decided to crawl along my arm towards my hand. It looked at me like im in its way! Yes...i didn't prolong his life either.

I had 2 spray downs, 3 pest inspections and 1 weird looking brown stuff that they put in ur cupboards...supposedly they eat it and die. DIDN'T WORK! I'm tired of packing and unpacking, everything i own is on my balcony, etc.

Most of the roaches all over my place don't even run away anymore. I come in and they're all looking at me w/ their stupid antennas wiggling about. Its like as if you can see a huge question mark on their head thinking, "Hey...where's the food? What? Where did you hide them?" Ya...not kidding! I hid all my food in the fridge (even the dry foods), but...that didn't last long. Somehow, those lil buggers got in the fridge. They died, but they got it!

Overall, i don't like the place at all. People are rude, ghetto and just infested w/ roaches. I'm leaving in a couple weeks and i wish to hell no one deals with this kind of stuff.


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I've lived in this building since Oct 2009 and it's decent. Prior to me moving in, I inspected the whole apartment, every nook and cranny you can think of.

About few months ago as I was getting some food out of the cabinet, I saw a bug which I though was a small roach. After that, I haven't seen any in months, up until about 2 months ago, I saw another one in my kitchen sink. I made sure I sanitize my whole kitchen on regular basis and that I don't keep any types of food out in the open

and take out garbage regularly - so far, nothing.

As for the bed bugs, I've never seen them in my apartment. Because I work in a shelter that's full of them, I'm always paranoid that I will bring some home, but I've been lucky. Also, the building brought in professionals to spray and clean against bed bugs and roaches, which was a bonus.

Management is okay when it comes to getting them to do stuff. So far, they've replaced my whole sink and cabinet in the bathroom (it was starting to rot inside) and they have also replaced my kitchen sink as well as the whole kitchen top.

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