35 Fountainhead Rd
Toronto, ON M3J

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Management is really good at communicating, they seem to genuinely care. The people in the building are nice, mostly families and students. The building's common areas are very clean. And there are rampant cockroaches. Guess nothing's perfect, is it?

In August 2011 we moved into this building from London, Ontario. When we came to view the apartment we were told that everything will be "beautiful" as the landlord put it when we inquired about the cleanliness of the apartment. When we arrived on moving day there was absolutely nothing cleaned since we viewed it. The windows and balcony had bird shit everywhere. Both balcony doors did not have locks, the toilet moved, and the counter needed replacing entirely (because it was rotting) we sent in

a maintenance form and we were told again it will be done by the following week max. However we continued to hear this same lie until the beginning of may 2012.

Upon moving day we saw a couple of cockroaches, assuming if we just cleaned they would disappear- we also sent in maintenance forms a few times before they actually sprayed for cockroaches- of the 4 different times we were supposed to get sprayed we only got sprayed twice.

Through out our tenancy we have had increasing issues with cockroaches to the point where now our apartment is completely infested. we can no longer use the kitchen because the cockroaches fall on our heads and in our food as we cook- we've also found them in our fridge on several occasions

our living room is uninhabitable as well as our bathroom- there are cockroaches crawling on the shower curtain- they hide in the metal rods that hold up the shower curtain-

they also infested in our cats food- which we have now moved to the balcony due to health concerns for our cat- because she started to throw up- and refused to eat.

All these complaints we reported and filled out all the appropriate maintenance forms- which were constantly ignored- or met with delayed sprays which only worsened the condition.

When we got fed up with dealing with the 3 different landlords that we have had (for 4 months we didn't have a super) so we called the property manager- only to get yelled at and blamed for all the problems in our apartment
although we maintained a clean apartment and kept them updated on all the issues several times.

at the beginning of march 2012 we informed our management that we were now infested with bedbugs (we checked our mattress and found dead and live bedbugs) despite the fact that our building has been infested with bedbugs since at least September- they did not treat our apartment for bedbugs until may 2012 ( which was 2 and half months after we reported for bedbugs)

during our entire stay we have constantly fought with management, been in there office every single day, only to hear excuses. THIS BUILDING IS TERRIBLE AND INFESTED WITH COCKROACHES AND BEDBUGS! DO NOT MOVE HERE!

on top of all of this- our balcony doors have yet to be fixed- we have a hole in our bathroom walls ( which was supposed to be fixed before we moved in) clumps of hair were painted over on our walls- instead of proper cleaning and then painting- several outlets in the apartment were broken ( have yet to be fixed) screen doors for both balconies are supposed to be fixed since august ( have yet to be fixed) there is a hole between the two bedrooms- toilet was replaced only to be installed incorrectly- again.

tiles in the bathroom ( which we have bleached for several hours) are still grimy and overly disgusting. PLEASE DO YOUR SELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT MOVE HERE! WE STILL HAVE TO LIVE HERE FOR TWO MORE MONTHS UNTIL THE LEASE IS UP. DO NOT MOVE HERE. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

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i have been living in this building for over 2 yrs. i started noticing bedbugs in my bedroom just a few weeks ago. pretty sure they came from outside. already notify pest control.

We had bedbugs sneak in from the apartment above us. The building was reasonably quick about getting rid of them for us. It was a huge hassle but (knock on wood) we are bedbug free now. It was still really stressful.

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