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I've been living here for about 7 years.I did all my schooling here, ttc and groceries is convenient.
However, it's infested with roaches and bed bugs, there's pest control vans coming in every month pretty much. The management makes the lobby look nice and hides things from to be tenants.
We keep our house really clean but it took as an agonizing month and a half to get rid of bed bugs. They'll probably come back looking at the condition of the hallways, garbage disposal area, laundry. A ver

y dirty building but people stay here for convenience.
Rent is more expensive than any other building in this area.
DON'T MOVE IN HERE, unless you don't mind sharing your house with roaches.
We had to import a treatment from another country to get rid of them for a while, but I can see them coming back.

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Cockroaches out of control.....You ask around and people say they've been dealing with it since they moved in.

From what I understand, the building is so infested that the problem never actually goes away.

BUILDING IS COCKROACH INFESTED, trust me and dont move to this building...or disregard this and find out yourself...cause this place is 100% infested with German cockraoch

I lived there in 2013 and it was by far one of the worst buildings I have ever stepped foot inside. From the outside the appearance looked nice and somewhat well kept compared to the other apartments in the area. Unfortunately, this was far from the case.

After we moved in, within a week of unpacking we had found roaches EVERYWHERE. We were told this is uncommon and would be looked after immediately. It was not. The whole year I lived there it was a constant battle with roaches and many o

ther bugs that I had never encountered before.

Bed bugs were another story, in the summer you could see all the bites on peoples legs and arms when they are wearing shorts/ short sleeves. Almost every time I got in an elevator with another tenant the bug stories would flow. No matter how you kept your apartment, they were unavoidable.

There was one younger gentleman in management, he was great and would help out the best he could but since he was not the highest in sonority he could not usually do much for us, but at least he tried. The rest responded such as below.

If management was approached more than once about the bugs they would brush it off and state that they can't control how or if people kept their units clean. They said that if I want pest control to come spray, then I would have to pay. I disputed this as I knew it was incorrect. Unfortunately, many did not know this and paid out of their own pocket to have their apartments sprayed.

We had trails of blood leading down the hall on more than one occasion. It would take them weeks to clean it up. (They never actually got the blood stains out of the carpet)

We had multiple fires (probably from the drug labs) and multiple fire alarms go off. Actually, the fire alarms went off almost every week at all times of the day and night.

Drug dealers/ deals going on everywhere; hallways, front lobby, underground parking, stairwells, side of building, behind building, elevators ..EVERYWHERE.

People do not look after their pets. It was heartbreaking to hear dogs crying and whining at all hours of the night. I complained many times - management did nothing so I started approaching the owners myself.

And the worst of it all, our neighbors. They had 15+ people living in a 2 bedroom apartment. They were loud, disgusting and dirty. The landlord knew that there was too many of them for one apartment but allowed it to continue.

To sum it up, since management doesn't live there, they don't care. Don't waste your time or money on this place, you'll regret it within a week of moving in or after all the bugs invade your personal space.

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Lived in that building in the 70's. It was beautiful and well maintained back in the days. Everything was custom, including the rugs in the hallway and the beautiful wall paper on all the floors. Everything was very clean and well maintained. Alot of very professional tenents lived in that building (lawyers, doctors, d.j's etc) I doubt it now. After 15 years, the pipes were often making noise and you swear they were going to break.. We were then starting to have hot water problems (no pressure

or just no water), because the pipes were starting to break for real. It was happening a few times each month. Then the elevators were acting up. .its an amazing building and has the most beautiful lay out for apartments and view and no building in Toronto has balconies that goes the full length of your apartments. We moved out years ago because it was getting run down and into a getto.

There isn't much that management is going to do unless you send enough complaint and the building is forced to have an audit.

The building has lost it charm and I know of someone who found a cockroach in their fridge (it was living in the rubber that goes around the door and also mice in the walls. All those problems have been there even 20 years ago.. its a mess and anyone who moves there should leave. We use to have a tenants associate that we all stuck together to deal with the owners 30 years ago but I doubt anyone is doing that now over there. . Can't say too much, but if you don't help each other, your screwed if you keep living there.

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My family moved here in April 2011. At first it seemed good. Nothing. And then 2 months in cockroaches everywhere. They were tiny but a pain in the ass and so we put cockroach powder which was given by management to put in all the cupboards. Then in January 2012 we see bed bugs on the heater. We report it and nothing is done about it. Then it spreads onto our beds. Still not hearing from management. We put all out clothes into the dryer, threw out old furniture (anything infested) and got new be

ds with plastic covering on them. In March they come to spray but leave because apparently one of the closet had a shoe in it so they can't spray the entire 3-bedroom unit because of one small closet. They come back near the end of March to spray it. April is beginning and STILL we see bedbugs and there's one week where they shut the water off EVERYDAY without 24 hour notice and alarm testing at 1 in the morning or 5 every month.MY FAMILY MOVED OUT IN JUNE
Live here if you wanna put up with fire testing, hot water shut off, bed bugs, cockroaches and shitty managment.

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I had bedbugs last year and took them 3 weeks before and a call to the TO health department and bites on my face before anything was done. The cockroaches are awful, water outages, fire alarms going off all the time, dirty hallways, washing machines that dont work, they do not enforce people to put their garbage down the shute.

I can't take it anymore I am moveing next month.

Just wanted to confirm what anonymous said on 03/22/12. The cockroach problem in this building is ridiculous. Pest Control was brought in a few months back to deal with the cockroaches, bed bugs and mice. Many tenants also complain of having ant problems as well (and not on the lower floors). Did I mention the constant water outages, with little to no warnings.

Management is horrible, even if they have made some changes. They will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to get you to move

in. They will be so nice to you at first, but the day you decide to ask for something or complain, that's it, you will no longer be treated with any respect.

Stay far away from this building, definitely not worth the money for all the problems you are going to have.

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Been there for 2 years, the first year was not bad at all. Couple little bugs here and there but that was it. Now it's barely livable - I am OCD clean and somehow we still manage to get roaches in our apartment!! We have not yet had any bed bugs *knock on wood* but the roaches are horrible. We can no longer use our kitchen or living room, they have taken over. We are leaving all furniture in the apartment for them to deal with when we move out because of the infestation. The management is ab

solutely HORRIBLE and will lie and say there are no roaches - but DO NOT be fooled. We have even contacted the City and were told they have been working on a solution - the only solution I see it to demolish the building.

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Landlord is responsible for paying for treatments in the apartment, no the tenant- see the City of Toronto website for more info:

The building owners knows there is a bed bug infestation and do not like doing anything about the issue. instead they make u buy bed bug spray from them to use . it their building yet u pay for the extra cost. horrible just horrible!!! now dont get me wrong the landlord is amazing! really sweet lady . would have been a great place.. i wouldn't have moved except the bugs were getting waaaaay to bad and i couldn't take it anymore! i had to basically throw out everything.. i lost alot of money w

ith this place!

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I have lived there for two years and it was fine the first year and there was a complete 180 turn the next the bed bugs are my biggest concern someone left a couch in the hall and now I have them. When they bite its really itchy and they are smaller then roaches and the spray doesnt seem to work

Yes, well, I'm finding that $1550 a month is a lot to pay for a large, bright spacious apartment that has cockroaches, ants, and now bedbugs.
I had no qualms about talking to my super about it; it's their obligation for the rent I pay to keep this place clean.

By the way, they don't do a great job at keeping it clean. It feels like they do the bare minimum.

I'm disgusted and distressed that I pay this much rent, and with bedbugs, I can't let my kids have friends over, nor let my kids (

potentially infest) our friends' homes.

So we're quarantined by these buggers. They travel fast, breed every 3-4 days, and the moment I saw the blood stains on my sheets, and their black excrement, I stormed downstairs and demanded a treatment within days.
On the bright side, I reported on a monday, and a week and a day later they treated me. It still stinks from the treatment.
vacuuming is great; as is steaming (heat kills them) but it's disturbing to note that they can live without food for 18 months and then come back to life, more or less.
Scary! I am out of here.

I am so out of here.
Take care.

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I've been living in this building for about 3 years now and this problem began around Dec 2007. I am really suffering with this, my apt is very clean and I pride myself on how clean it is. But I am very reluctant to tell my super about this due to the fact that I heard that people have been evicted from their units because they came forward with the issue by telling their supers. I really dont know what to do, I have tried EVERYTHING!! from sprays to throwing out lots of furniture and clothes. I

wake up with about 20 bites a day and I just dont know what to do.


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