7 St Dennis Dr
Toronto, ON M3C

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17 th floor is infested by bed bug and roaches. My friend had to throw 10 000$ worth of furniture and bed room stuff due to bed bug. They wrote bed bug on the stuff so no one take them but management got really angry. He said they should have not written bed bug on the stuff because the building rental market is very bad and people in the building get panicked. He did not care if people took new stuff and not know about bed bug.
They also told my friend that she is the only one in the building

having roaches and bed bug, but the day she was moving out one of the staff told her the whole building is infected and management does not know how to solve the problem.

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This place is good looking but lots of mice roaches.I live here since2years and its annoying.

One of my friend lived there at 7st dennis .thats true mouse bedbugs kakroach are there .he moved out octuber2014.otherwise building is good staff is friendly and coperative

A year ago I moved in this building and it's been a week I am having red bumps al over my body... About a month ago my nieghbor mentioned that they have bed bugs and getting their apartment sprayed... After checking my mattress and carpet now I know the reason of red spots and bumps all over me .... Bed bugs .... I already gave the building notice to move and throwing all my stuff mattress couch etc .... Before moving to my new place .... Don't come here the worst place to live ....

I lived here for 5 year untill August 2011. All of these years were so bad.It was difficult to sleep at night,even we could not sit at sofas.It was sprayed 3 times in 5 yrs by moving everything out from the apartment.Management always said that only you are sufferingm.I noted the bed bug spots on the bottom of walls before we moved in but it was too late alreay.Management specially super is nice guy but property manager is very rude person.

I lived at this address for over 3 years, on 16th floor and I had friends living on 7th floor, and never even heard or experienced any bedbug problem at this place. The cleanliness of the building could still improve, but in general lines is ok. I never had roaches nor bedbugs or any pests, thanks God. The staff are friendly and serviceable, and no complaints at all about the building. :)

I can't be real specific, since the management might find out and not offer me the free treatment they are

The buildings 3,7,9,10 are infested. I live on one of these floors and 6 of my neighbors are infested.

The other floors do have 1 or 2 reports of bed bugs.

The management is really cooperative and helpful.

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