45 Wynford Heights Cres
Toronto, ON M3C

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Can anyone please share what floor you saw all the cockroaches on so we on other floors can take precautions and watch out for them. As if eyre not treating them right, they'll just migrate to other areas in the building.
Thank you.

July 2014

Lived in this building for 7 years and last year had the worst roach problem. We are extremely clean people and when we asked the supertenant to do something about it were we told it's the tenants that cause the problem and mainly tenants that own dogs. All the supertenant did was put power around the kitchen floor when that didn't work called a company in to do a dusting. Once the company was done we were informed by our supertenant that the dusting company indicated that we doc n

ot have roaches????? We ended up having to put all our good in containers and made sure we cleaned the garbage bin every night, made sure all dishes were done and removed the dog dishes as well. Lots of maintenance but we finally fixed the problem ourselves but finding holes by pipes and closing them off. No thanks to this building. They do absolutely nothing.

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I have lived here for 2+ years and I have never seen as many cockroaches as I have living here. The property managers blame the tenants and do not take any responsibility for the infestation. The garbage shoots and garbage rooms always have spills and aren't cleaned out regularly. When I asked the supers to come and fix the cockroach infestation, they put a paste around the walls and cabinets then left. It did not fix the problem. I should not have to worry about bugs crawling all over my floors

and bathrooms all the time. There is also water issues causing leaks in the hall ways and they shut off the water without notice a lot. Elevators are usually down on weekends resulting in frustration. RUN! Run away from this place. Thank god I am moving out end of the month.

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I've lived in this building for years never seen or any bugs.. Great building very well kept!!! There's bo bug problem here

I live at 45 Wynford and currently and having a HORRIBLE time with cockroaches. After living here for a year and a half and never seeing any bugs, construction began on the balconies. Within a few weeks, we immediately saw a few cockroaches in the kitchen. We notified the superintendants who immediately placed the blame on US, saying there is no way that the problem was caused by the construction, that we must've brought them in. After enduing this bullying, we kept going back to the office to a

sk for extermination. The problem only got worse. It has now gotten to the point that we see HUNDREDS of them in the kitchen at night, while management is fighting us on this issue, once even telling us that when the exterminator came to do a bait and dusting, (twice) that he didnt see ONE SINGLE cockroach when we asked for another treatment. Ya right! Tell that to my daughter who is now too petrified to come home and wants to stay with her father because she sees them every night.

We spoke to an old woman at the end of the hall who approached us after construction began to ask us if we had any cockroaches. She explained that it is like a horror movie in her apartment at night (we've been using that analogy ourselves). She told us that she went to the superintendents to report the problem, only to be told that SHE caused the problem, because she was dirty. Unreal. On my second visit to the office to request a treatment, I told the superintendents that this woman was too afraid to come back and put in a request for treatment because of how she was treated, they promised to deal with the situation, and even told us that they were going to spray the whole block of apartments. We spoke to her yesterday and big surprise, no one has apprached her and her place remains, swarmed in roaches.

We have had in total three treatments, 2 dustings with bait and a full spray yesterday. Today, we saw LOADS of them in the kitchen and are praying that they will die in the next few days after the very toxic spray.

DO NOT move into this building unless you want to endure such an ordeal, and to be blamed for it by the building management. I see now that the only real solution is to move.

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terrible silverfish issue.
average of 2-3 silverfish daily.
Management at 45 Wynford does not care about the issue.

You'd think that because M & R Holdings Inc. are aware of their horrible silverfish issue, they'd have all units treated for these incredibly irritating and disgusting bugs BEFORE new tenants move in.

The funny thing is, they'll send maintenance to your apartment like 5 times for "treatment", yet the silverfish never go anywhere...and they refuse to call a REAL exterminator out.

If I wanted roommates, I'd more than likely live with humans, NOT silverfish.

My apartment is ex

tremely clean and organized.

I should NOT have to kill 1-3 silverfish on a daily basis.

I should NOT have to pay out of my own pocket to remedy an infestation which maintenance "treated."

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