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I was reading my post and noticed that I made it sound like the whole building has had them! Just to clarify there have been several tenants who have had them...due to the fact that when people get them...they don\'t tell the super\'s and they throw out there furniture and others take there furniture into their homes and then they infest that person\'s home! I can\'t imagine ever taking something from the garbage...what is wrong with people....not sure if I still have them as I haven\'t slept in

my home since I have been sprayed! I will be staying in my own home this weekend and yes I bought all the vinyl encasing\'s! lol
Thank you for the tips from the Grass Roots Store!

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Hey Annoyed,
WE BEAT THEM!!! We are at 50 Green Belt and we actually beat them!

We think that it was because we used DE.
Go to GRASS ROOTS on the danforth and ask for the "the Earth stuff for bugs" and they will know what you are looking for.
It is this white powder and the bugs HATE it! and they wont cross the stuff because they understand it's not good for them. We used a paint brush to dust along all the base boards and basically put the stuff everytwhere... regardless of what you

might read it's also safe for pets and children I did lots of research. I put the stuff everywhere. we have 3 children 5, 5, and 3 .. none of which were affected, also have a cat that was unaffected... the only downfall to the stuff is it can get a little messy ... as you must know by now you're likely willing to do anything to get rid of them though... I even put the stuff on my pillows and sheets and bed ...

be sure to also get matress and pillow covers and tape up the zippers and stuff.

GOOD LUCK TO YOU .... I will keep my fingers crossed that you get rid of those filthy little bastards. It took me 5 months or so to get rid of mine. but they haven't been back since *knock on wood*

Been through a split up with kids and lots of major trauma in my life... nothing... literally nothing compared to the stress that those damn bugs caused me !!!


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May 2009

These nasty critters have been in our buildings for over 4 years now and everyone is keeping it on the down low....No one ever wants to admit they have them...I don't get why people don't tell..as soon as I confirmed they were bed bugs I went to the rental office and told them I need to sprayed for them ...I just got sprayed on Tuesday and have yet to sleep in my bed to see if they are gone..I will keep you posted! This is sick...I've spent over $200 so far washing the clothes and th

rew out one of my couches...It is way to much work to get rid of these HORRIBLE critters..I pray every night for them to go away...I had such allergic reaction to the bites that I am terrified to sleep in my house...I have been very cautios and have been sleeping at my parents house..(I turn clothes inside out and inspect for any of them then shake and put them on)

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