31 St Dennis Dr
Toronto, ON M3C

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August 2015 ,

Living here for few months and honestly want to tell everyone living in this building is like living in hell, the hallways smell like nothing but garbage because they pick it up once or twice a week, they will never fix a problem at all. So if you want to live and sleep with roaches this building is for you. The underground also smells like garbage and the smell is always there constantly and never gets cleaned, the owner is constantly neglecting everyone in this building who's

usually immigrants who don't speak or understand English.. I've developed serval health issues caused by this building and having my kids constantly sleeping while there is tens of roaches around them, no matter what u use how much you clean they don't stop coming, you can call management and will make you wait, also you will be unable to eat because the stoves they give everyone or at least me were from the 80s and having 30 years of sludge and dirt so when you turn it on it becomes a chemical wasteland of a home.

There's also serious neglect from the city as well as they were alerted of the health problems associated with this specific building and did not do a thing.

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Again not hot water



Hy. I'm old tennant. That building is not a good. Be cause is Laundry room is to small. We have 350-400 apartman and we have 10/pc Laundry machine. Other problem one week / 2 or 3 days nothing the hot water or heating. Noting the cleaneng. And to much cockroach problem and nothing the maintenance.And coming the other people other building using the Lau ndry room. Not working the 24 hours monitoring don't recording and every night coming young guys take drinking and drugs in the staircase. The w

omen people dont using the staircase because very dangerous.... Thank you..

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I recently moved to this location and don't agree with these claims. I was rented a very clean and very big apartment and the rental office people are always there to help everyone. I have small children and small pet never seen any kind of problem. I have made a lot of people my friends inside building and they haven't said that they have any problems. All the claims are not true as I am a current tenant of this place so I thought to write my experience.

So much better than before. I'd say one of the best buildings in the area. Been here for almost 4 years now and when I moved in it wasn't great, but for the past 1.5 years it's been great! I think they got new management or something. Either way, it's relatively bug free nowadays.

31-35 has changed dramatically since i moved in 2010. The new management are very efficient with the maintenance and cleanliness.

I agree that this building has improved with the new management and now its in a safer and livable condition.

Ive been living here for 7 years and this building has improved alot with the new management. The new property manager has been doing a good job in all aspects. The building has got better with pest control problem and maintenance. Hope to see more results of improvement with the new management.

This whole building is infested with bed bugs and cockroaches. Do not live here it is awful.

This place is horrible. Amonia smells everywhere, urine, graffiti and garbage are all over the halls, stairways and in the elevators. There are roaches everywhere. No maintenace is done, ever. They ask that you write out what needs to be fixed, but nothing is ever done. When you ask, you are told they never got it and to fill out another form. This is repeated in hopes that you will give up. Garbage is left in the hallways blocking the stairways and fire exits, the doors are all broken, so there

is no security in the building whatsoever. The underground parking is a garbage storage, the ceiling in rough shape and looks like it may collapse at any moment, there is no security in this area either. Please don't move here, the neighbourhood itself is rough, but this building is a nightmare.

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I lived there for less than a year. Rhis is the most terrible place to live in. I cannot believe the owner of the building makes money doing such a terrible job. Please do not move into this building. Everything other people here said is true.

March 2010-Feb. 2011
Everything that the other people are saying are true! And much more!!! Bob Deb is a liar!!! We tried to get out of a lease there I gave him a letter face to face after a week to follow up he said he didn't any. There are bed bugs and cockroaches in the building galore!!! Before I forget the car vandalism/break-in, in the under ground garage!!!

From May 2010 - June 2011 I lived there and there were roaches the day we moved in. We didn't see them when we looked at the apt though. Over the year that we were there they got worse and worse. I submitted a report while living there that has since been removed. We sued Bob Deb (the rental agent) and went to court about the maintenance issues and roach problem of that building. I was told he's well known in the court. He also told us that there was no roach problem (which is illegal, if you as

k, they legally have to say yes if there is) and in court said that when we asked his response was "there's a problem in every building and like everyone else we take care of the problem" he showed forged and fake reports to support the statement. The halls and fire ways were always blocked with garbage and furniture people had thrown out (I'm assuming because of the bug problem) my apt didn't have bed bugs, but the roach problem was beyond an infestation. It was like a nuclear bomb of roaches went off multiple times in that building a day. Please do your research before moving in there. There's no security in place so you can see the parking garage and how it's falling apart, the back door is broken, so you can walk in. Ask other residents about their experience living there.

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OMFG! SO SORRY im so upset ive been living at 31 St. Dennis Dr for three months and i cant beleive this kind of nasty bull shit happends in my country Canada. The date today is August 7 2011. The worst of it all i have a eight month old. My poor little dog was so ill a few weeks ago. They should be very ashame, i had no idea what this place was about and i just want to savage what i can, out of the cockroach infested apartment. Hundreds and hundreds and hundred of dollar gone 3months . P.S Th

ank for your hospitality

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i cant sleep because the bed bugs are biting me...everytime i turn on the light there are a swarm of bed bugs...if my family were to buy new furniture there would be no point because the bed bugs would take over...one positive thing is the large apartments but dont let that fool you...honestly the person that said jane and finch has nothing on this place is right.

I have lived here since May and never seen any bed bugs, but there are roaches. It's absolutely disgusting the amount that are in this building. The people that live here are filthy pigs, they leave garbage out in the hallways instead of putting them in the chutes. The bags leak and I fell in grease that was leaking from one. The roaches are crawling all over them, it's like living in a garbage pit. Along with the garbage left in the hall are couches, carts, barbeques, tables, dressers, etc. it'

s ridiculous how lazy people are. Not to mention putting everyone else's lives at risk if there's a fire, as well as their health. We had to harass management just to get them to spray. There's no point in even filing a maintenace report, because they don't do it. We've had a broken oven since we moved in that has yet to be fixed, along with a broken tile in our bathroom, our bathroom sink isn't even attached to the wall, fridge and freezer don't work, and huge dents in the doors. All of which we were told was going to be fixed. This building is not maintained at all, the underground parking looks like it's about to collapse at any moment. No wonder there's so many roaches and I'm not surprised about the bed bugs.

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Hi well it's November 4 and for a week there's been no hot water like hello we are people who need to bathe and to clean our homes yeah right good luck my husband went and asked when it'll work he was told probley not for another 4-5 days I think it sucks plus about the bed bugs let's just say I moved in may and when I moved here I had a really nice bed and bed frame not any more to the garbage it went same as my sofa now all we have is a little tiny bed that was giving to us but it's like a lit

tle bed and a little loveseat I think it was such a mistake to move here but because I am on a pension I am not able to move until 2 years so I am stuck here plus every month I wash all my clothes but it doesn't matter because as soon I wash them I just gotta do it again because they don't die ( bedbugs) I just think that by the time I move I'll be coocoo if they are going to kill the bedbugs then they are going to have to have every single person in the building to go and kill the little suckers but I don't think that they care the building people who rents why do they care they probley live in a nice home they probley undress in there garage and burn there clothes when they get home I don't know I just think it really sucks... Please if you decide to move here don't unless you want to get rid of your stuff and be eating or surprised by the cockroaches trust me it really does a number on one I seen one family move in and they stayed a night and where moving the next morning because of these bugs

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Ok so I was going for a walk today when I got near the eleavotor on the 7 th floor someone through out there futon and it was covered in bedbugs. I thought that was qutie rude because they could of put it in the bins in the back of the building and with it covered in bedbugs all of the people in the building that didn't have them are probley going to get them now thanks alot thoughtless preson that wasn't very nice of them to do right I swear some people don't think what they are doing and risk

others in there actions and that sucks so much

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This whole building is infested with bed bugs and cockroaches. Do not live here it is awful. I am a housing support worker and have seen so many clients complaining about bed bugs and maintenance issues.

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