200 Gateway Blvd
Toronto, ON M3C

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If you rent, report it to the city and hope they are audited, then they have to do something and fix the problem based on what deadline the city gives them and they come back to make sure its done, or they are fined. Save your money! If you own, then you're on your own and its out of your pocket to push the issue. put them in jars for evidence. Good luck Would be nice if DDT was legal. The environmental people made sure it was banned, and its the only chemical known as far back as 60_ years th

at will kill them on the first go (all of them).

see full report...

Has the bed bug problem been resolved?
Thank you

There is a large bed bug infestation at this apartment building, myself and 12 other tenants have infested apartments, we have notified the super and he will not pay for an exterminator, we are now all persuing legal action against the propert manager.

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