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Chagas disease, which is caused by parasites transmitted to humans by a tiny insect called the “kissing bug”, is “the New HIV/AIDS of the Americas”, according to a leading expert in tropical diseases.

In an editorial in the PloS Neglected Tropical Diseases journal, Dr. Peter Hotez warns of the serious consequences of the diseas

e which is already widespread amongst the poor and indigenous groups in Latin America and parts of the United States, specifically Texas and the Gulf coast.

The disease — named after Carlos Chagas, a Brazilian doctor who first discovered it in the early 20th century — is caused by a parasite known as a trypanosome. The parasite is carried by the “kissing bug” which has been described as a cockroach with a long proboscis (snout) that allows it to feed on blood.

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Found a bedbug in October and the building management was on it in a flash. Sprayed twice and all base boards sealed. So far no return engagements from the little pests. They even checked up to see how we were recently just in case.

Discovered a single adult bed bug on Tuesday October 5th. Twe found it on the back of our couch. We have since been bitten, on the two nights after. We have now had our unit sprayed with pesticide and are now waiting to see if any bug bodies appear.

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