York Mills Rd
Toronto, ON M3A

Found 2 reports:

1210 York Mills is a cesspool of bedbugs!!! Management is a joke, they couldn't care less about the tenants, and the 'clientele' is getting worse. I lived on the 5th floor & moved out in august...could not get out of there soon enough for all the bed bugs practically seeping through the walls. Friends I had on both the 3rd & 7th floor experienced the same bedbug problem. STAY AWAY FROM 1210 YORK MILLS RD!!

Stay clear of 1210 York Mills Road M3A 1Y3. I thought it looks great from the outside, but I had a plethora of free loading bed bugs in the baseboards, the kitchen cupboards EVERYWHERE!!
I have moved and most of the common sense people, I judt had to warn the GTA because the management is completely in denial!

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