20 Graydon Hall Dr
Toronto, ON M3A

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Many units are complaining of bedbugs in 20 Graydon Hall Drive, so far on my floor there has been 3 units. We've had an inspection and turns out we have them too. Don't listen to people who have posted about this building being clean of bedbugs, it's probably one of the rental office reps.. think about it a person who is living at that location and isn't suffering from them wouldn't think of coming to this registry to investigate.

We've had our furniture for 7 years and bought everything bran

d new.. before moving to 20 graydon hall we've moved 3 times and never complained of this issue. This building is infested with disgust.

P.S; if you are a tenant and suffering from a bedbug infestation call Toronto Public Health and they will assure you that the landlord is to take care of all expenses needed to treat the infestation.

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I don't know where these reports are coming from about bed bugs but you certainly are not able to see them anywhere and anyone who has had them has brought them from the TTC or something and if you think any building is immune you are sadly mistaken because its not possible.20 graydon hall drive does not have bedbugs and as far as roaches go I have not seen them and when talking to pest control they say building is very good as i've seen it to be thanks

Theres been a few sightings of them since I moved in. Haven't been bit yet and no blood stains, but I've seen them on the ground around my bed. Just a heads up if moving here to come prepared.

Just checking to see if there is anyone filtering out these reports as it appears to be a free for all .Anything goes...This is truly not a bed bug registry.... Please look and read the article in the Toronto Star ....nothing is verified....

Dec 2014
Neighbor has bed bugs and now they are starting to appear in our apartment
Building not doing anything about it

Property manager Barb is a money hungry selfish woman. Very rude. She is the main reason I moved .

Building is also filled with roaches
Stay away from 20 Graydon hall drive

bed bugs 3434 eglinton ave east last year

bed bugs at 150 graydon hall drive

Property manager tricked me into paying them back for treatment
Last year, I had bed bugs in my apt. The property manager tricked me into paying them back for treatment. If you deal with this property manager, you should contact Toronto Public Health. The Toronto Public Health website says that the landlord is required to pay for treatment.

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