14 Rayoak Dr
Toronto, ON M3A

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I've seen several bed bugs and I also know that a lot of units have been treated in our building for bed bug infestation. People have been throwing out furniture and mattresses. TCHC NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING!!

I found 2 bedbugs in my unit in the last couple of days, got bit, and just let the superintendent know. Pest control is coming in in a couple of days and again in a few weeks. I hope this gets under control because the infestation is mild, but I suspect it exists in other units in our building. I don't want to name our unit number, but I want to ask that anyone and everyone who even mildly suspects they may be a bedbugs in your unit, please don't delay and tell the superintendent and get treate

d, I know it's embarrassing, but the best thing to do is get treated ASAP before the infestation becomes out of control...

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