135 Fenelon Dr
Toronto, ON M3A

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This building is disgusting. The superintendents are lazy. Work orders are ignored. Hallways, lobby, elevators are littered with garbage. There is urine in the stairwells. The property is never salted in the winter resulting in many falls. Look elsewhere if you are apartment hunting. You will regret moving into this building as I have.

this place is disgusting. i lived there for about 2 years and i finally moved out. this place is crawling with roaches. on the lobby walls.. bathroom walls.. kitchen .. everywhere. i would have company over and they would just be crawling over the living room wall and kitchen wall which was very very embarrassing. keeping you place spotless clean doesn't even help. the back sliding door lets cold air into the apartment in winter time. i had to tape my back door shut so air wouldn't come into the

crack of the door. when i made a work order about it they came with some tape thing in about a week it dropped off. so cheap to replace the fucking door. "mike" he is racist and act like he owns the building. the building is cleaned like once every 2 weeks or. underground parking is a joke. it rains outside and the underground parking is literally FLOODED. big ass puddles of water filling up the whole under ground parking. the elevators are always getting stuck with people. when i just moved in here about a year and a half ago a lady and her child got stuck in there for about a hour and half .. fire fighters had to be called to get her out. the lady said that the alarm and phone in the elevators weren't working and she was lucky she had her phone with her. run as far away as u can from this building. not to mention neighbors are so inconsiderate with the noise (mostly their children) 11... 12 pm at night there making a lot of noise and when i made a complaint nothing was done about it ..i can go on and on about this nasty , filthy, dirty. building. run far far away.

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These idiots caused an accident and someone was early run over because of turned off lights in the lobby. I waited a month before voicing my concerns to see if they would do anything, I think that is more than fair but now they deserve this complaints. A full month they had no lights in the lobby. Do you know what they said when I told them they are not turning the lights on at night, he said it ain't my job and he's out of town. I hope Beaux properties gets sued for this or maybe even worse wh

en the next person is run over in the lobby because the lights are turned off. Do you know who uses the fire route for parking, their own garbage in building daycare.
The daycare parks illegally in the fire route and the welfare parents come out and run over the tenants in their own driveway. The tenants are made to walk on the road and the driveway while the parents drive on the sidewalk and park on the sidewalk and grass. Can anybody explain that. People on the road, drivers on the sidewalk. It's been going on for a long time with nobody doing anything about it or acknowledging it. How can they, the people here are zombies that belong in the back of a shop washing dishes.

This company has nothing but goon employees, the head office person is mouthy and abusive and a liar. There is no accountability for their actions, you get the impressions that this is no mistake because we all have the same issues with them. Beaux properties employees pull scams and lie to tenants and deflect complaints for their actions. The building is severely under managed, those that work here don't speak any English, most of them workers are illegal as this job has minimum language requirements.

I agree with the others in this building. A class action lawsuit should be brought against Beaux Properties and Mike Arab. They have denied essential and emergency services to the tenants, parking, elevators, lights, and have committed many crimes ranging from illegal entry to theft.

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i lived at 135 fenelon dr in 2011 and we had roaches really bad,we lived on the third floor when we moved out we removed the so called filter behind our stove to clean it...well it was loaded with more cockroaches...they would be crawling in the hallway and at the elevators up the wall....it goes on and on...if you are looking for a nice building to live where all the staff wear uniforms and the office is always open...call 416-759-9977.1757 victoria pk ave at victoria pk and lawrence..ask for c

ora in the office.

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I have lived in this building for the past 4 years. I am on the upper level and experience only ants. Although, I do frequently take my dogs outside and each time I walk on the main floor I see at least 1 cockroach.
The main issue with living in this building is dealing with the management. They do not speak proper/fluent English and with a lack of communication nothing can ever be resolved if you have an issue. They also post notices less then 24 hours in advance of water shut-offs, fire alar

m testing and entry into suites. I would like to see new management in place. People whom dress professionally and speak fluent English and actually have a clue of what their job en-tales.
The washing machines don't clean either, and the dryers have shrunk all my clothes even on a delicate cycle.

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Beaux Properties entered my apartment illegally and lied about it in the most pathetic way. They used a notice posted by the elevator to enter every apartment and they came into my place when I was in the bathroom. The manager said so what didn't you see the letter. I called the tenant board and they said it was illegal and many people called about them. When I tell the manager this they change the story and say we never entered, but 200 tenants say otherwise. Liars!! Few landlords go to this

extent to cover their tracks after breaking the law. The previous manager was no different and he said head office made him do it and then he quit.

The man responsible is Mr Arab and he doesn't know anything about buildings or managing. I found out his name is not even Mike and this is his first time working in a building. The bedbug outbreaks and people throwing furniture out
doesn't concern them but silly things like bicycles do. The building has cockroaches and ants too. As the other person said, it's sad but he is only here to cover the head office from liability, that is why every person who works here is either new immigrant or a drinker.

Other buildings in the area don't work like this. I visited one and they had proper speaking and well dressed workers and we have a rude aggressive employees with no knowledge of the job.

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Ah, Dear Anonymous Happy Tenant Who Seems To Think Cleaning Up The Space Is The Answer.

I am so happy to see that Beaux Properties has hired another tech savvy manager to try to convince everyone that it really is the other 199 tenants fault and nothing to do with Beaux Properties being a slum landlord company.

I admire your bravery in posting as an anonymous user. It takes some real brass to do so. You shouldn't be so shy.

The simple fact is that the building is in poor condition. OH

and don't think I don't remember that management lives on the third floor. I remember knocking on the door that had the sign. So dear manager... grow a set of cajunas and take responsibility.

My name is Catherine Allardyce. Unlike YOU, I will be more than happy to share who I am. My husband is Glen Allardyce. And I've been sick for years after the bed bug treatments to our unit using what I believe was an illegal chemical. In fact, I'm being tested today. And I have a little file box that every time you open it... it smells just like it.

I will find your bosses secrets. There is a storm brewing and I will not let this go because my health has been permanently altered by that hell hole! Dear Tenants staying there! FIND SOMEPLACE ELSE! Do not wait and become me. If you have bug issues.. BREAK YOUR LEASE! Take them to the landlord tenant board. It is FREE. If you do not enjoy your unit you have a LEGAL right to enjoy it.


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Joke for a building. Both elevators are down on the weekend, when you take the stairs you can see many bugs. [cockroaches and ants] Same issue last week, elevator down and manager not to be found. Then I look down the balcony and see he is washing his car in the back, he actually jumped the curb and drove on the grass to wash his car in the back park. My friends, bad management has no limits. Under these people the building and tenants suffer so much it's not funny. Everybody in the building ag

rees this management is very bad.

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dear anonymous..you are 1 out of about 200 tenants living at 135..good for you no bugs,but i did keep my place clean..but about the elevators how many times are they held up on floors to vauum or check garbage chutes and all held up at the same time or broken down every weekend..enjoy 135 fenelon maybe you should speak to other tenenats instead of calling people dirty...have a good day in bugville.

dear anonymous..you are 1 out of about 200 tenants living at 135..good for you no bugs,but i did keep my place clean..but about the elevators how many times are they held up on floors to vauum or check garbage chutes and all held up at the same time or broken down every weekend..enjoy 135 fenelon maybe you should speak to other tenenats instead of calling people dirty...have a good day in bugville.

This is my second year in 135 fenelon and unlike other tenants, my floor seems to be ok from any pest control issue. I do have bit of tiny ants, which doesn't bite nor make mess but other than that, haven't seen any roaches or bed bugs yet. Btw, super has been changed since last year from Laslo, who did descent job to mr. Arab and none of the peeps from the office are over 70. They do bring up the issue of old building like elevators and parking spaces but you are talking about the apartment at

least 10 - 20 years old, not to mention all those tenants who abuse the elevators. My only complaint would be some inconvenience to get to parking spaces, which will be unde construction for a while. Other than that, i'd recommend the building, especially if you are getting higher level suite. For all those peeps who are complaining about the bed bugs and roaches, do your homework plz. Clean up the spaces and put some sprays in there. I I decide to move out from the building, I assure you that it'd be people who live in, not the management. Also, FYI, I contacted beaux property to talk about some of my concern before and they replied to my e-mail promptly, not to mention they were very helpful and cooperative. So my final verdict, it's natural to invite all those pest no matter where you go if you don't take care of your own suite, stop complaining and start cleaning.

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we lived at 135 fenelon dr from 2011-2012,as soon as my lease was up we were out of this place,we lived on the third floor...i would advise people to never move into this buiding...the people working in the office are brain washed and trained one way and one way only.we went through a living hell trying to get rid of roahes ,we even purchased our own roach gel $45 a tube,no matter how hard we tried to get rid of them we couldnt,the roaches were coming under our apartment door..we would open our

door to go out and see roaches walking on the carpet and the walls on our floor.when we finally moved out we removed the vent behind our stove to clean it..we could not believe our eyes the went was full of cockroaches.we were lucky not to have bed bugs like other tenants.we are so happy to be out of this place..please pass this on to other people this is not a good buiding to live in.

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this building is the worst place i have ever lived in..there is cockroaches in the common areas and not to mention my apartment..i was so embarassed when i had company over ..when we walked them to the elevator on our floor there was a huge cockroach running up the wall.my last place i lived looks like a palace compared to here.why should anyone have to pay high rent and high parking to live in these conditions.does anyone else get burned to death in the shower,the water temp is a joke.we cant w

ait to move out..please dont advise anyone to move into this place..the people in the office are brain washed i guess they are told to shut up and play the game...i hope you can sleep good at night..

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this is bad management, they don't clean the stairs anymore. I watched a food stain there to see when they would mop the stairs and it took about two months, they used to do it every week or two and there was no bedbugs. the supers are crap, the guy is like 70 years old and the other one has a night job somewhere else. the lobby smell is the worst, at night they put the garbage in the hallway which is full of shitty diapers from the daycare.

For the individual to ask, you will find the forms on the landlord tenant act page.


well the soap opera continues at 135 fenelon drive.....i am so sick and tired of seeing cockroaches in my apartment,and now we are seeing them in the hall way and garbage shoot.its time to call the health dept about this and about getting scalded to death in the shower.everytime we have friends visit we have to warn them about the water before they wash their hands,how bad is that.i agree with the last person this is slum building run by a slum lord.cant wait for my move out date..i am running a

s fast as i can from this dump.

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Can anyone please explain to me the steps i need to take to file the report and get out of my lease early. i read the comment below regarding the beaux property form, where would i find that? any other information would be a great help.

i live in this apartment and have noticed a few cockroaches in the last week. i have lived there for less then 2 months. i'm extremely grossed out with this situation.

dear glen a ......thank you so much for the advice...its a great help..

dear glen a ......thank you so much for the advice...its a great help..

Dear Very Pissed Off Person:

You can get out of your lease early and I can tell you how. Incidentally, I lived in that hell hole. You have my deepest condolences.

You have the right for reasonable enjoyment of your unit. If you are unable to enjoy your unit due to bugs, improper water situations, lack of elevator service and forced hikes up 20 flights of stairs.. you can file against Beaux Properties.

The Landlord Tenant Act is on your side. And I wouldn't trust your reasonable new su

pers. All because they seem to be nice now.. ultimately... they have the resources that the head office gives them and those resources are zip.

We lived in Unit 206 and we had bed bugs in that unit. Two other units on that floor (the one next to us that we shared the bedroom wall with had them) as well.

File your form (it's free) first then file your request to move out. Keep a copy of every report that you have submitted about your unit and building. All maintenance receipts and complaint forms will go before the board. If you go into mediation rather than the board... make sure you keep your mediation agreement near and dear to you.

Just in case the bastards decide to forget about it and throw you into collections. If due to bugs you have had to get rid of something keep documentation of that.

This building when we lived there in 2009 had a bed bug problem going on and they never bothered to tell us about it. It was a hushed up secret and Alan was the super he tried to hush us up from talking about it to other residents.

What's worse is when people from the bed bug apartments have to do their wash... the potentially infested linens and clothes go down the halls, down the elevators, and into the laundry room.

Ultimately you have the right to reasonably enjoy your apartment. Part of that reasonable enjoyment is knowing that when you sleep at night, bugs are not crawling all over you like it is a free for all buffet. You have the right to have a bug free home. You have the right for reliable water temperatures. You have the right to have reasonable access to your apartment (which means the elevators should work).

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hello..as i said yesterday about the elevators not working..both main elevators not in service today...so monday morning i intend to call the landlord and tenant act and email them the pics of our non working elevators..i also intend to call ctv news and cp24.is this building trying to save money by not having these damm elevators fixed on sunday.im not paying a ton of rent to put up with this shit any longer..

well what else can suck at this stupid building.well besides cockroaches,ants and bed bugs...now no working elevators...there is 20 20floors in this place and 3 friggin elevators..2 go from lobby to 20 and the 3rd elevator goes from the parking lot to lobby and to the 20th floor if you are lucky..so heres the problem ,you come home from work and guess what..2 elevators are on service to vacuum the floors..so this leaves 1 elevator in service and its the one that goes to the parking garage..so

now you have 10-15 people all fighting to get on one elevator..i am pissed of ...god forbid if 911 has to come and try to get to someone in need.this is the worst builing i have ever lived in..please people do not move in this bug infested slum..i will be moving out as soon as my date comes up.the tenants are great and the new supers are great,,way better than vilma and allan..run people run and run far away from here.

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Thanks god stupid monkeys- assistants are gone and everybody can breath in this place. the new assistants are very nice people and don't talk down to people. Hope those two certified cleaning monkeys went back to where they belong- the woods.they don't deserve to live among people...an

besides bedbugs,roaches,ants and who knows what else..is anyone having problems with the water ...like getting burned to death everytime you go to wash your hands...or have a shower..i moved in just awhile ago and i am tired of jumping out of my shower because i am getting scalded to death with extremely hot boiling water..if this problem isnt fixed soon i will be calling the health dept.this building is very unsafe.the only nice thing about this place right now is the very nice new supers they

hired. its good to have people in the office who are friendly to deal with.

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I moved out in 2010. I had problems with bedbugs, cockroaches, and ants. Along with structural problems, there was limited help from those in charge. DO NOT LIVE HERE unless you have to.

i just moved in 135 fenelon drive a few months ago.i am not happy with the cockroach problem we are having in our apartment.we have put professional roach gel out and we are still getting roaches.we are seeing them in the kitchen,small bedroom and frontroom..before we took the apartment we asked vilma in the office if there were a roach problem and she told me we never had to come to this unit to spray for roaches,i also asked about bed bugs she said they take care of it if people tell her...lie

s,lies and more lies.if this problem persists we will be breaking our lease and moving.its so sad because it really is a nice building with nice tenants.this building should also paint the hallways on each floor.the last place i lived they put all new carpet on each floor and also painted the walls.the only reason we moved was bad neighbors.but now my old place is lloking good atleat we didnt see roahes,the buiding kept ontop of that problem...they used a good pest control company..so we are giving this place one more month if the roahes are still here we will move out..i am ashamed to invite anyone over just in case they carry a roach home ..ps atleast they got rid of vilma and her sidekick...maybe the new people will take better care of this place.

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i just moved in 135 fenelon drive a few months ago.i am not happy with the cockroach problem we are having in our apartment.we have put professional roach gel out and we are still getting roaches.we are seeing them in the kitchen,small bedroom and frontroom..before we took the apartment we asked vilma in the office if there were a roach problem and she told me we never had to come to this unit to spray for roaches,i also asked about bed bugs she said they take care of it if people tell her...lie

s,lies and more lies.if this problem persists we will be breaking our lease and moving.its so sad because it really is a nice building with nice tenants.this building should also paint the hallways on each floor.the last place i lived they put all new carpet on each floor and also painted the walls.the only reason we moved was bad neighbors.but now my old place is lloking good atleat we didnt see roahes,the buiding kept ontop of that problem...they used a good pest control company..so we are giving this place one more month if the roahes are still here we will move out..i am ashamed to invite anyone over just in case they carry a roach home ..ps atleast they got rid of vilma and her sidekick...maybe the new people will take better care of this place.

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to all tenants at 135 fenelon drive having roach problems...since this building does not want to get rid of the roaches...here is a place you can purchase maxiforce roach gel at $45 a tube..this pace is called formula canada and they are located at 3069 dundas street west at dundas and keele..416-743-6660..this is the first builing i ever lived where the roaches are very bad.this building only cares about the money thats all..this day in age we should not be dealing with cockroaches.i can honest

ly say as bad as my last place was i lived they did take care of roaches in the proper way,using abel pest control they use to come and do our builing monthly or when needed and they would also do our garbage shutes.we should not have to worry about having friends or family coming to visit us and wondering if they will see a roach while here...i bet you my last dollar that the people sitting in the office dont have and roaches in their apartment..have a nice day...cant wait until my lease is up...

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i agree with the last tenant..i like it here so far..but it is true the people in the office are very rude..they act like they own the building.my husband and myself will stay away from them....i also have spoken with other tenants about the roach problems and i am hearing that this building is taking short cuts to get rid of roaches.instead of using a pest control company they are using some crappy stuff of their own..what a way to run a building..the rent here is pretty high and lets not talk

about the parking,,what a rip off. if the roach problem persist we will be moving out sooner then i thought.i must say all the tenants we have met in here so far are very friendly.but there are better and cleaner buidings than this one in the city and with much friendlier people in the office.we are also fed up with the elevators being out of service all the time.i must say the assistant super is very nice to deal with...

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I haven't experienced the bed bugs in my apt, I hope I never do. I really love where I live but I do have to agree with some of the comments about the Supers.

We won't even fill out a work order because we just don't want to have to deal with them. The last work order I filled out didn't even get resolved just band aided and so the problems are still there.

They do spend a lot of time in their office with the door closed and they make you feel so uncomfortable when you go in to ask t

hem anything. It's almost like they are ganging up on you. They are so rude and talk down at you...is this not supposed to be our home?....are they not supposed to be there to support our issues?

I'll just deal with the issues myself and take all my fixes with me when I move.

This building has the potential to be a great building with the right people looking after it. I LOVE my apartment and the majority of people are friendly. It's quiet and there's never any trouble that I have seen.

I haven't heard anyone say too much about bed bugs here but from my understanding they are pretty much in every building across the city right now. I have only seen a couple roaches when I first moved in but I got some special gel and put that out and haven't seen any since.

We are going on our third year hear and have no plans on moving out. Our apt is beautiful and spacious. I would just make sure if you do come to look at an apt that you check it thoroughly and research how to check for bedbugs.

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I lived in unit 206 until January of 2009. We began smelling a scent that was very much like paint thinner around September of 2008 in the hallways of the 2nd floor. In November we discovered bed bugs. After the first spraying they told us that we would be able to come back after six hours.

We stayed in the duration at a friends place with our cats. When we came back we began smelling the paint thinner odor as soon as we stepped off the elevator. When we opened the door, it was hell. The odo

r was really bad. It was obvious we were unable to move back in.

The next day they told us that they would come back within 5 days to spray again. We stayed at our friends in Toronto and began trying to make a decision about what we were planning to do. I'm from the USA and we elected to go back down to my home because in the days between the spraying the scent didn't retreat even noticeably.

My sister lived not far from the unit. After the spraying she opened the windows and the door to the balcony and checked periodically.

Three weeks and the smell was so bad it was enough to make her retch. But we had to come back home. The first night we were back I crawled into the bed and slept like the dead because I was exhausted from the 16 hour drive.

The next morning I was covered in bites. They had not gotten rid of the bed bugs. We spoke to the Super, Alan. Informed him. At that point he then went into a condemnation of the pest control company East West Pest Control. That they didn't know what they were doing when it came to Bed Bugs and they were switching to another company.

They scheduled another spraying. It was December and we still couldn't live in our apartment. All of November the unit was unlivable and in December we could only live in it if we kept the sliding glass door to the balcony open. We kept layers. Also much of our stuff was bagged.

Our infestation was severe. By the time we found then the bugs were crawling the walls. They never really bothered me. It was my wife that they feasted noticeably on. Unfortunately, I was unemployed at the time and my wife suffers from stress related hives. We let the itchy welts all over her slide because of it.

We through out the bed after the third spraying and bought an blow up air matress that we used in the living room. The spray by the new company didn't stink as bad but it lingered forever. By this point our friends had no choice but to charge us for staying with them for the days after the spraying.

The final spraying was in January but we had at this point elected to move out. Fortunately, I was offered a job in another city. We still had the bugs. I found evidence of them before we moved. They argued saying we didn't have them still. However, no carpet tape was laid down to capture them by the exterminator and it is nearly impossible to catch them with an inspection in the middle of the day.

We left all our uphostry behind. We were in arears of our rent because we felt that we did not have reasonable access to our unit or the ability to enjoy the unit while we were there for those months. They made moving out difficult for us initially. They didn't want to put the elevator on service. Eventually they gave in but only by forcing my wife who was not on the lease to make promises that she was not in the position to make. She would have promised the sun, the moon, and the starlit sky to get out of the place.

The physical effects of the chemicals were such that she experienced long term nausea. It took her over six months after getting out to get an appetite back. While living there after the 2nd spraying she started experiencing facial and muscle twitching. It has been more than a year and she still suffers. Her legs and body twitch frequently. Much of the time she tingles like bugs crawling all over her except it's prickly. Kind of like when your leg goes to sleep and then you start moving it around. She has difficulty sleeping all the time now.

We incurred because of this situation over $3000 in expenditures. Expenses staying elsewhere. Expenses replacing our furniture. We'll never be reimbursed for it and they still want their rent from those 3 months. We felt like they blamed us for having the bed bugs. What we suspect is that the neighbors had them and when they had their extermination they were pushed into our unit.

We reported it to the city but the health inspector Angus Tsang ignored us. Athena from Beaux Properties was useless and did not want to resolve. She believed that the unit was free of them.

We just found this registry. So for anyone who thinks the property management is great. I suspect they are the management trying to defend themselves anonymously. When we ended this we knew that while we were going through this that the 10th floor was experiencing bed bugs as well. The management is trying the hardest they can is a big steamy smelly pile of crap.

They didn't want us to talk about what was happening in our unit. There were no efforts to educate the units. We didn't even know the building had ever had them until we got them. It was news to us.

Once we had them we found other residents who had them multiple times. All Beaux Properties cares about is their bottom line dollar. Furthermore, we could never find out everything they sprayed in our unit. The first company is a mystery. The second company, the chemicals they used are linked to central nervous system issues.

In the end this is the story of our personal hell. I strongly suggest never renting from them.

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Well, i am a new tenant on the lower floor! Moving in this month! Wow, I am seeing this for the first time; and will be looking deeply into it.

I warned them to check my units and sprayed them for bed bugs, bugs, and other rodents; that was 1.5 months ago.

I hope that I will not experience these things myself or HELL will break loose..... (that is a promise).

As for the thefts, damages to properties, break and enter, and other things - these kinds of things must/will STOP (dead


There must be someone that they know whom is doing this within the building (they need to hire security).

I have not yet experience this myself; but will keep everyone posted if such things comes to past. And if it does come to past (Huston We Have a Problem); and things will change.

I know everyone has their experiences (and I do not know everyone); but I will make sure to confirm or deny everything because if it happens to one person; it sometimes deems to repeat itself.

But i pray, and hope "not"; and enjoy my 1 year tenancy; and more (longer) without any problems or incidents.



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Regarding bed bug issue in the building I know that management is doing everything possible but it is tenants to blame as well, because often they do not even report having bugs. And if they have treatment- they don't prepare properly. So we can blame the tenants as well. Roaches- every apartment building has them. Before I moved in I was told about bed bugs and roaches, but they deal with the problem as it comes. They do not hide this problem- they try to explain what they are doing trying to f

ix it. I see lots of happy tenants and you have some assholes as well. Dealing with them it is not easy- I would not want supers jobs at all. If you do not like living in the building- move out- it is so simple- do not slander people. "Supers are drunk and always hiding in the apartment"- so funny because female super does not drink and she is never home in her apartment- I see her after hours doing some work all the time. Get your facts straight- you idiots.

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I just want to let everybody know that the manager lied to us about the bedbugs. Our unit has and had bugs and they told us the opposite. Our neighbour says that many tenants moved because of bedbugs and cockroaches. They are spread throughout the building because nobody cleans and the owner is corrupt. The manager is an arrogant jerk and has a sign that says don't knock unless there is a flood. His manager is even worse, I have seen him smoking up in the garage many times and this is the guy yo

u are supposed to take your complaints to. This corrupt company shouldn't exist.

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I'm currently living in the building and recently began having small itchy red bumps on my arms and legs.. I am thankful for this website because otherwise I would not have known what it was.
I plan on meeting with the super to discuss possible pest control ASAP. But ultimately this experience, in addition to others posts is leading me towards leaving for good.

If anyone has any good resources to eliminate bedbugs, please post them.

There are bedbugs everywhere, nobody seems to care. And the superintendent(V) is a total loser. She knows nothing about customer service and tenant respect. and ooh a call to management is a waste of time because nobody ever care to return your calls. I would never recommend even my worst enemy to move into this place. the place is shit.

Worst place ever hands down. Nothing gets done in this building because they don't acknowledge any problems. There are bedbugs on several floors. The management is pathetic, the superintendent and her husband are both drunks. You can't complain because they don't listen and hide in their apartment. The building is filthy and there are no workers. The current super fought the second super and scared them away. The building has not been cleaned for months resulting in more bugs. The stairwells are

littered with bugs as well. We are moving as soon as possible. Don't sign a lease with this dump as they will try to hold you to it and you have to take them to the tribunal. They also have other problems as well, many legal and bylaw issues. Inspectors need to come to this building and clean up.

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Bedbugs are a common problem in this building and the management only downplays the problem. There is a lady in head office and her job is to sidetrack all complaints and make excuses while the problems go on. There is a daycare in this building called courtleigh child care and that place itself has bugs. You can see them crawling in and out of the door where the daycare is. The landlord has a strong policy of ignoring complaints from tenants that may cost them money. While at the same time they

profited some $2 million dollars from having in illegal sign on the building for years. The management in this building is horrible, some of the supers have stayed as little as 1 month. The landlord doesn't pay well and they only attract bad management. The landlords doesn't abide by the rules and regulations in the tenant act. They usually hire low end supers to do the dirty work, the decent ones catch on and leave right away while the desperate ones stay a couple of months or years. The bottom line is this building and the daycare has bedbugs, roaches and other unknown bugs. F- for beaux properties.

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I had my apartment sprayed 3 times in 2009 for bedbugs, still to no avail. Management does not care that bedbugs are present. With the orinial staff that was there when we moved in tried ti blame us that we brought them to the builing, even though it was well known knowledge that they were present already, which I called them out on. New staff insist they hired a new company and that the bedbugs would be gone for good (yeah, right). Calls to the head office just go round and rouns in circles, t

hey don't give a crap that you have to buy new mattress' and furniture. Tecnically twice, since who wants to bring infested furniture when they move out. On going since 2009. This place is crap, would never recommend to live there.

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I don't know what bedbugs look like but we definitely have some bug problem. There are 2 types of bugs that are always in the apartment and over the last few years I discovered thousands of little red ants. I did hear from people in the apartment that there are bedbugs and one person had to throw their entire apartment in the garbage. I would not move to any of the higher floors as that is where the problem is and I certainly wouldn't send any kids to that daycare.

Beware Worst place I have ever lived...

I moved into 135 Fenolon Dr. 16th floor from Nov 2008 until Nov 2009 as I had a lease and leaving meant paying $400 to get out of the lease. They see you coming so to speak!

They sprayed three times with a company called m...... pests, which they have a contract with. We still had bed bugs. I had none when I moved into the unit... within 3 months we where infested and management blamed it on us.

In the end I had to pay $600 for the O.... man to

come in and fix the problem which I never got a cent back from them.

I found out later that the building was crawling and the Supers where getting a kick back from the pest control company. Dont move here this place is a dive and even though you get a cheaper rent, you will pay in the long run.

I also had my car window smashed in the underground and I had my apt broken into and things stolen. The mgmt claim's there are security camera everywhere. But when the police went to view them. There was many sets of time missing, like around the time when my stuff was stolen.

A lady in the head office initials A.M. customer relaions (yeah right) is a horrible person to deal with and the mgnt does not care at all. She is allowed to say whatever she pleases to you and she is mean... trust me they have not fired her as she is so bad you refrain from calling to complian. Hence mgmt doent have to deal with you.

Also, I cannot believe they have a daycare in this place and it has not been shut down by the Board of Health. Do not send your kids here. Kids go home with bed bugs and cockroaches in their things. One lady who worked there said she say a baby eat a roach once in this facility. GROSS

I bought a 1000 mattress that I used for 6 months and had to throw it out as well as the furniture I had left after the robbery. I have had to buy all new stuff. It is a cash drain living there. You do not save in the end. Good luck.

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18th Floor and above...

Cockroaches galore. One day I found 30 cockroaches underneath my microwave when I discovered the outbreak.

Many calls to management didn't do anything. I found them in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and anywhere else livable in my apartment (even in the hallways!)

I moved in July 2008 and since had it sprayed 6 times, and they're still crawling about. They're not doing much for us. Management has since fired the pest control and not rehired anyone.

I'm movin

g out soon because of this and breaking my lease. I'm tired of this shit.

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