1210 York Mills Rd
Toronto, ON M3A

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IT doesn't matter if your clean or not you can still get bedbugs!

I have nothing but GOOD things to say about this building. I currently LIVE there and can say first hand I have never had a problem with bedbugs or fruit flies. Unless you kept apartment disgusting then maybe that was your problem. I see a gentlemen cleaning there DAILY. Whether it be the floors, windows or even the elevator, something is always being done there. As for the Management I have never had anything negative happen with them and quite frankly, of all the buildings I have dealt with th

ey are the most pleasant thus far. These "problems" just seem like they are coming from someone who clearly didn't keep their unit tidy and clean, then in that case YOUR causing the issues.

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It is unfortunate that people can use this website to anonymously post false accusation.
1210 York Mills is a very clean well maintained building, free of infestation of any kind and is
routinely inspected. I find it coincidental that all of the bogus postings began after the
dismissal of a disgruntled employee.

I moved out of this bldg in aug 2012 and as a previous wrote the outside will fool you! Where do I begin - the unit I had so many problems from no electrcity working, bed bugs and a fruit fly infestation. The staff are always drinking or high, my car was broken into twice....I HATE THIS BLDG !!!!

The outside of the building will fool you, they just updated the facade, and it looks ok. But you can practically see the bedbugs enveloping the interior of the building. You feel dirty (&itchy) when you walk into the place. The management simply does not care, and they are getting just desperate-for-any-place lowlifes in that place. STAY AWAY!!!

Stay clear of 1210 York Mills Road M3A 1Y3. I'm glad to see someone finally calling them out on the bedbug problem. I thought it looks great from the outside, but I had a plethora of free loading bed bugs in the baseboards, the kitchen cupboards EVERYWHERE!!
I have moved and most of the common sense people, I judt had to warn the GTA because the management is completely in denial!

1210 York Mills is a cesspool of bedbugs!!! Management is a joke, they couldn't care less about the tenants, and the 'clientele' is getting worse. I lived on the 5th floor & moved out in august...could not get out of there soon enough for all the bed bugs practically seeping through the walls. Friends I had on both the 3rd & 7th floor experienced the same bedbug problem. STAY AWAY FROM 1210 YORK MILLS RD!!

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