6250 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON M2R

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once you have your place treated for bed bugs, you must have your mattress and box strings covered with matress bed bug covers that closes with a zipper.....

It is important that you cover the box strings. It gets very experience to replace your bed.

We found bedbugs in my father's third floor apartment.
So we discarded all his furniture, bought new bed and mattress. Management knows that building fully infested with bedbugs, but doesn't do anything. Now we wash and dry all his bedding and clothes two times a week. Now we are in one week with no bugs. We are thinking that they came from a wooden dresser from the garbage. Educate your parents DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING FROM THE GARBAGE.

Once again, this senior building has bed bugs hopefully TCHC will do something about

The building is heavily infested. This is Social housing for elderly citizens. They could be your parents. What a shame!

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