523 Finch Ave W
Toronto, ON M2R

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In 2009 is when my son had woken up out of his sleep, to find hundreds of bed bugs in his bed.
at that time I did not know much of them.
I complained to my landlord and he sent a company to handle the bugs.
It did not work.
The landlord had my apt sprayed 3 times and they still were not totally gone.
The landlord then said that he would not pay for this service anymore.
I had to contact the health department.
When public health arrived and did their investigation, they found the bed bugs

were in the walls of the building. I was advised to move out.
The landlord did not notify anyone in the building and did not fumigate the building either.
He was advised by public health to do these things.
In short, this building is full of bed bugs and to add, its dirty and has never been up kept.

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