4918 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON M2R

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We moved into this apartment building in the fall of 2008. When we moved in we had bought a new bed. We noticed the problem in March 2009 which resulted in disposing the entire bed. A couple of months later we noticed them on the floors, walls, furniture and had heard that there was a bed bug problem in the building before we moved in. We managed to get an air mattress but that costs us approx. 50-100 dollars every 3-5 months with alot of repairs. We even found an organic bed bug spray throug

h the USA it seems to control the problem but doesn't eliminate it. The neighbors just got sprayed 3 weeks ago since then I have seen an increase. They don't like the cold, so they climb the walls when the room temp. drops. They multiply like I have never seen before. My recommendation, nice building, great location but poor management.

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