6061 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M2M

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I have lived there since 2011 to 2015 and I had very severe bed bug problem. it was like hell and I could not sleep there comfortable even one night since the problem happened 2013. The worst part of my experience was dealing with staff who were working there especially Christine hardy as superintendent. she was so rude, disrespectful, inattentive and racist. Always I was condemned by head office workers. they claimed that they solved the problem by their treatments every time and I again go som

ewhere and bring bed bug to the unit or I am in contact with people who have the same problem. it was really Bo shit. Running away to the forward and blaming the victim instead of acknowledge the problem and take proper action to fix that was the strategy of this fucking company.it was good for them because if someone like me leave the building, they can have very super strong poison treatment for a week or more and then rent it to a new victim

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