205 Hilda Ave
Toronto, ON M2M

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I have owned a unit at 205 Hilda Avenue, since 1975 and lived there since 1983 and have never had any bedbugs and hope I never do. I cannot begin to imagine the nightmare the individual experienced. I informed the management about the building being on the Bedbug Registry. I was told that there was a report, but the occupants had brought the bedbugs home in their luggage after they had returned from a trip and were responsible for having the bedbugs professionally exterminated. I do not know

if this is related to the report posted here. However, I have not heard of any cases other than the one posted here and I hope I never do agian.

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Bed bugs throughout our condo in this building in early 2007.

I live at 205 Hilda Ave,North York, a condominium building and I rent a unit from the owner.
I experienced severe rashes and hives for 3 months and saw a doctor and specialist, who treated it as a reaction to my immune system.
A few days ago,on Dec 26/09 around 5:00 a.m. I discovered 10+ bed bugs in my bed and others scattered on my comforter when I threw it off.
I now know this is what caused me the severe allergy and I believe the place is invested with them.
I have told the landlord, and

called public health. I will tell the property management as well.
I am absolutley sick to my stomach, haven't eaten or slept in five days, and can't stand the thought of living in my home anymore. I am depressed, anxious and when I saw one in my bed last night, my entire body began to shake.

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