15 Tangreen Ct
Toronto, ON M2M

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we recently discovered that our suite has bed bugs. In fact, I'm positive that this whole building is infested - so stay away! Is there really a point in going through the hassle of washing/cleaning/throwing out our things/etc., if we're probably going to get them again...and from our neighbours. On top of that, the rental company (transglobe) is only willing to pay for the cheapest method available. They/It's horrible!

Exactly three weeks ago I got bite by bed bugs, called up the maintenance of the renting building( transglobe) and they sent some special services to spread dust. I prepared the apartment thoroughly, washed all possible to be washed things and steamed them. A man came and spread some dust..right after in 5 days I found a big alive bed bug. I read in forum and worked out the floor with turpentine, a week later a friend brought me from abroad an insecticide which i spread all over my flat. finally

yesterday the bugs fighting company came again and spread some dust again and try to guess what? This night I got bite by the bed bugs again!

At same time I met a lady in the elevator who sID SHE IS ALSO HAVING THEM SINCE AUTUMN. SAME BEG FIGHTING COMPANY WORKED OVER HER FLAT AND DID NOT HELP AT ALL. And she knows another family in same building who also suffer from bugs.

I wonder how many flats are infected her!?
and is there a solution at all???

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