Allenbury Gdns
Toronto, ON M2J

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Dec. 14, 2010-I have bedbugs and I can't get rid of them. There's a dumpsite, and garbage bin on the other side of my townhouse wall where everyone throws garbage and infested furniture, like mattresses. People throw rotten food next to my house for the birds and wild animals too. The smell is unbearable in the summer especially, and I can't open my window, or enjoy my little backyard. I'm on the end of a row of townhouses all attached. They sent a person to spray, but he didn't spray because

my furniture is too heavy to move by myself, and he don't help move furniture. He just said, "Oh look there's a few baby ones", then left with his little spray container. I wish I could afford to move, but I'm a Mother, Grandmother and Widow with low income.

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