95 Havenbrook Blvd
Toronto, ON M2J

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What is the current situation like? Has anything been done?

I intended to rent in June 2010 an apartament there. I have friends that are stil living and friends that were living there. For this moment I know for sure that there are bedbugs in the apartaments from 2nd floor but I suspecte that are at upper floors too, because I know for sure that are people that were moved out because of the problem. I was very angry because the superintendents didn't tell me nothing about the problem until I discovered bymyself and they were trying to minimize the proble

m so I rented in a different location. So check out very carefully before move in.

Good luck and stay safe of this menace!

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I've lived in this building for years and last summer (2008) the bedbugs appeared out of nowhere. The landlord was very good about getting the apartment sprayed, and this process was repeated 3 times. I thought that we had eradicated the problem, we even painted and sealed all the cracks in the walls, but at the beginning of summer 2009, they came back. I've had to throw out 2 sets of mattresses and a lot of clothes. Not all the units the building have them, but my unit did along with sever

al other units on my floor.

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