30 Godstone Rd
Toronto, ON M2J

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this building is very bad at all, we are so happy that we moved out there are drug dealers, gangs and racist people living in the building, people smoke and drink alcohol in the stairs and sometimes during winter there is no heat at all, and after all this s*it the landlord increase the rent above the guideline.

I live in 30 Godstone road, the heat in this building is very poor, specially during night it gets very cold inside the apartment.
also there are alot of water shut down they say they have some repairs but the question is why are these repairs taking for ever, but it is obvious that the truth is the Homestead company try to save money by shutting down the water and reducing the heat.

The heat is not good in this building they said that they have improved it but it still the same, its not good that i have to wear a jacket inside my apartment. Also the water is not stable, sometimes it is weak for a while, sometimes just cold water and no hot water. I'm glad that few months are remaining for my lease to end.

this building full of bed bugs and its driving me crazy i can't even sleep i am so stressed. i didn't even know about bed bug until i moved to this building, my body full of bites, its soo annoying. i can't wait until the end of my lease to get out of this stupid building.

We moved to the building 30 Godstone road M2J 3C6 Toronto, Ontario in 2011 and after short period of time we started to notice bed bugs, we wake up every morning to see red spots in our skin caused by bed bugs bites and they are so itchy. The ironic thing is that we asked the super if there is bed bug before we moved in to the building but she told us that there is no bed bug, but now we see bed bugs every day around.

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