2600 Don Mills Rd
Toronto, ON M2J

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On August 2010, the superintendent put a sign on every floor: “Please cover your Mattress. This is due to a recent report of bedbug spread in the city of Toronto”. On the back the building we could see some mattresses and coaches that looked not very used to be thrown out. I decided to check out my own stuff, and I found small bed bag colony in the corners of my mattress. Now I know that the marks on my leg and back are not “allergies” as I though. I already gave them my 2 months notice

and I am now moving out, loosing a lot of money as I have to through my mattress, couch and other furniture. The superintendent is a cranky lady who does nothing, but to find excuses for everything. When approached about this issue, she just said, she never heard about any other tenant complaining about this in the building. But then, how she explain her “sign” about the “spread in the city of Toronto” or the furniture on the back or the marks on my body.

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