175 Shaughnessy Blvd
Toronto, ON M2J

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The new super for this building is not going to be any better than the last. His name is Barry and let me tell you from experience, bug him after hours and you will hear it. I feel sorry for the current tenants.

the super in this place is extremeley lazy she's always blowing up about something! I wouldn't recommend this building to anyone!!

In between 2008-2010 I was infested 3 times while living here. The first time I notified The landlord and was told that they don't spray for bedbugs. The second time, I paid out of pocket. The third time, I moved.

I have suffered severe trauma from these creatures. Too many sleepless nights to count. The second infestation, they were climbing out of my vents, and out of cracks in the walls. My daughters crib was completely covered before I realized what was going on.

Just before we moved

, two tenants on our floor, along with threeother tenants in the building had informed me they were infested as well. The landlord finally agreed
to spray their apartments, however only theirs. They refuse to inform the rest of the tenants, or spray the entire building. So in actuality all that is happening is one apt gets sprayed and the bugs run out into someone elses.

Also, garbage picking should be completely unnaccepted. I threw away a bed, and a
dresser after scratching into both of them "don't take, bed bugs!" and within five minutes Someone was dragging it into the building.

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