125 Parkway Forest Dr
Toronto, ON M2J

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125 parkway forest is disgusting. Cockroaches galore, the elevators never work and the superintendent Jack is a pig he stinks like body odor all the time. When you get on the elevator with him you want to puke plus he leaves a stench anywhere he walks for long periods of time throughout the building. They dont fix anything either. Stay away from this building or you will regret ever moving in.

125 parkway forest is full of cockroaches and the apartments are not at all clean.Management dosen't do any repair work and the monthly rent is too much..Pls stay away from this building....

We were dooped into renting this place because of the cheap rent and assurance of no pests. The day we moved in our place was filled with cockroaches and we were stuck for the long haul. The next day we not only woke up with cockroaches on us, but our legs and back had tiny bites all.over them. We had lived there a year and had numerous pest control sprays and other traps put out and it never ended.
Beware of this group of buildings run by metcap, they are full of pests and superint

endents that avoid any work.

Ps the elevators never worked either

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My boyfriend and I have lived here for a year and have been struggling with cockroach infestations since the very second we moved in. We didn't look up reviews of this building before signing our lease, and that was a big mistake. The apartments are spacious and airy and apart from the bug problem it's a fine place to live, but the cockraches are enough to drive us out. We have tried every tactic possible to get rid of them on our own, and have also had the place sprayed twice. After the first

time, the problem worsened somehow, hence why we had to get it sprayed again. We are tired of dealing with the issue, and are looking for other places to live. Sharing a living space with nasty critters that crawl up the walls, emerge from every possible corner, crawl over our clean dishes, run all over the kitchen counter while we're cooking, and even magically squeeze their way into the digital stove clock so that it's always 'cockroach o'clock', is just not a way to live day in and day out.

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125 Parkway forest drive is totally infected with all kind of bugs from cockroaches to bedbugs. please forward this to Ontario health they should tell the tenant upfront about the bugs problem they are charging like anything and not good enough to clean their buidlings. Garbage chutes are stinking like anything. Please stay away from metcap properties.

This building is infested with all kinds of bugs: from cockroaches to bedbugs, etc. Do yourself a favor and don't move in!!!

For about a month now my girlfriend had been getting suspicious bites every time she had waken up from sleep. Funny enough me and my son were not getting any. One Sunday we woke up after my girlfriend had complained of more bites. We lifted the pillow and found a sustainable amount of these disgusting bedbugs. We pulled the bed out and found more of them crawling along the baseboards. This building has always been bad since we been here because we had horrible cockroach problem before as we

ll and management sure took their sweet time to correct any problem. For a place that charges over $1200 for a 2 bedroom suite per month they sure do a terrible job of keeping their building clean and tolerable. Stay away!

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