121 Parkway Forest Dr
Toronto, ON M2J

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It has been revealed to me that this building has bedbugs on the 8th

Two weeks ago (Sept.29,2008), I was stunned by finding a dead bedbug in my left ear after taking hot showers in the morning. I suspected there might be more bedbugs hiding somewhere in my room. I wondered how long they crawled stealthfully in my bed since. I put dead bedbug in a plastic sandwich bag for my evidence and I reported it to my landlord. Immediately I packed all clothes and jackets in plastic bags and put them outside on my balcony before my room was sprayed immediately. I emptied

my night ends and I removed my mattress from my bed and I left it to the wall. After spraying, I washed all of my clothes and dried them very hot for more than 40 minutes. I forced to sleep on my couch and I left my bedroom closed shut for two more days to let a chemical treatment working to a full. After two days later, I found poor dead fly and another dead bedbug lying under my bed without a mattress. I still leave the floors unwashed for two more weeks to let a treatment working. By end of this month, I will start to mop my floors clean. So far, I have no problem! My landlord did a wonderful job!

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