110 Parkway Forest Dr
Toronto, ON M2J

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We are sorry to hear about your experiences. We take our Resident concerns very seriously and would like to ask that you please send your name and contact information to our Customer Experience department at [email protected]

Thank you.
Timbercreek Communities

It's been a year we are living in #110 parkwayforest, I've never seen such a poor management like here,inspite of renovation you will see roaches all over, they can not improve this situation, elevators disasters so finally they gonna change, I don't recommend no body to come here.

Timber creek manages very very poor the building.there are many issues here - the garbage,cachroaches, elevators,clean less .the building is a dezaster and the management very very poor.there is no staff on call and it's dangerous to live here. I am living here mote than 10 years but planning to move out a.s.a.p.strongly not recommended to move here.

I forgot to add that like another story on this site, their internal collection agent will call with a rude tone and poor attitude and accuse you with the only proof she has which is payment history on the system. Luckily, if you keep track of your rent payments and keep your receipts when you pay in the office, you will be able to defend yourself and then they'll realize they made a mistake and............no apology. That's it, calls stop and payment is cleared.

Then you wait for another surprise.

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I moved here in September 2015 and asked if they had bugs after I found one in the tub when I was viewing the unit and the answer was no. Although my unit was newly renovated, my next-door neighbour has been living in his unit for 5 years and has not had any renovations as of yet. I went into his place and he showed me rat traps that he uses to catch the cockroaches. He changes them every 3 weeks an

d I saw at least 50-75 on each sheet.

Issue #2 - ELEVATORS
Elevators are being replaced as of Jan. 2016 (after 3 months delay), 1 at a time, making only 2 elevators usable.

Construction on new swimming pool for community centre (which is great!) but no mention of it when I signed up with drilling and hammering every single day from 6AM or 7AM until about 5PM.

Issue #4 - PARKING
The funny thing is I read someone's story on here about pest control coming every 2 weeks which made me laugh because it's 100% true. They come every week to 2 weeks and have about 6-8 visitor parking spots that we're "allowed" to park in but not in the 4 or 5 parking spots that are for "Contractors". Regardless of who parks there, it's their business but there are daily parkers who don't pay for a spot and a car with flat tires that was removed after 8 months.

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We are moving out because of the bed bug infestation detected in our unit three months ago and management is ineffective treating the unit. After living three months with all of clothes are in plastic bags and piled in the mifddle of the living room and having twice pesticide people attended to the unit for treatment we are still getting bed bug bites and spot them in the unit. Very pure maintenance practice!. Can't take the stress anymore, gave up. Almost finished treating everything in the uni

t myself with steaming , washing and moving out.

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I have lived in this building for 5 years, I moved because of roaches that spread every where in my appartment, no matter what you do, no matter how clean you are finally you should accept them as members in you family !! the other guest that some appartments should live with was the bed bugs, I know 2 of my friends in this building who through out there furniture bcz od bed bugs.
Eventhough,these guys keep raising the rent even more than the designated percentage by the board!!
5 years I'm in

this hell paying my rent perfectly on time and after I moved I started to get tens of calls from collecting company asking me mistakenly to pay 101 CAD that was payed when I gave the keys. And after solving this issue by my self I did not receive even a call from Timbercreek company to say sorry it was a mistake !
I strongly don't recommend it !

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All this building is infested of Cockroaches we can't deal with this issue anymore we fight with it during all year and even with pest control treatment the number of Cockroaches increased. No recomendable rent here if you don't like deal with cockroaches.

good place to leave. no bugs detected for past 2 years of my stay.

yup roaches have this building on its knees.. many people moving out, new property management is having a hard time keeping up. Long time tenants are even leaving.

The new property management company conduct a whole building pest control. Thereafter they drove cockroach everywhere. They have pest control company come to the building every two weeks, but the cockroach get even more. They are lost control at all.

Lived here for years with no SERIOUS infestations of any insects. A month ago noticed bites after sleeping. Spotted bed bugs not long after.

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