3050 Pharmacy Ave
Toronto, ON M1W

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There is a bed bug infestation that has been spreading from unit to unit. I didn’t know that until I started getting bites and found couple of bugs in my apartment. Pest Control guy who came to treat my apartment said that infestation is ridiculously bad in adjacent apartments and they’ve been trying to evict people. One and a half months since it started, and I see them crawling from every hole and crack in the wall that separated me and my neighbour. Building management wasnâ€

™t very proactive so far. They have send PCO to my apartment twice already, but it’s getting worse every day. Not sure what they’ve been doing to the other units, but number of bugs I’m finding in my apartment is growing literally by day.

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Still lots of coach roaches in this building. Finding them in my bed, coffee maker and in my living room even during the day. When I come home at night they are crawling up the walls in the hallways and crawling up my arm when I sit watching TV. I've got all my food in closed containers, garbage goes out every night, and no food out anywhere in the house. Totally disgusting!

I have also had some roach encounters in my room. I have found that if you plug the drains of the sinks when not using, they seem to go away. Knock on wood that it keeps working but thought I would pass along to see if it helps.

Roaches is a HUGE concern on my own apartment, not to mention the complaints from many other tenant in the same building. Park property do not pay any attention to tenant complains and i will be taking this matter to the health department. Roaches are on my coach, bedroom, the other day i found one dead in my fridge, on my living room table, i am infested with roaches, i cannot live this way!!! My own home makes me sick, there are days i cannot cook bc i see them everywhere in my kitchen. This b

uilding should be SHUT DOWN!!!!! People are fooled with the outside appearance!!!!!!!

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I could not agree more with the cockroach problem.
Park Property Management does not care about the fact that us clean people are living in a cockroch infested apartment with no relief in site.

When you raise a big stink about it they will come in and quietly put gel down in your apartment if they show up at all!


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