1601 Victoria Park Ave
Toronto, ON M1R

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STAY AWAY FROM THIS WHOLE BUILDING. OR ANY BUILDINGS AROUND IT FOR THAT MATTER. I was looking at a listing on viewit.ca for a different apartment building up the street. I gave the super a call, turns out that they lure you to the nicer building and then show you a shithole. Walking past it you could see people had mattresses up against the window and a lot of the people there had their stuff out on the balcony. I did NOT want to view the apartment at this point but the super bumped into me on t

he street and said for me to come in. I went in - looked around the fourth floor, corner unit on the north west side. It was DISGUSTING. I didn't see any bed bugs, but I wasn't sticking around to check it out. There were dead cockroaches all over the floor in the kitchen and on the countertop. He couldn't even be bothered to clean it up. I have never ran out of a place so fast in my life. PLEASE STAY AWAY. $900 FOR A TWO BEDROOM MAY SOUND NICE, BUT THERE ARE THE MOVE IN BONUSES OF COCKROACHES AND BED BUGS WITH IT. STAY FARRR AWAY!

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