2422 Queen St E
Toronto, ON M1N

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does anyone know the current status for this apartment? I'm looking at an apartment this week but might reconsider if there are still problems...

I moved in July 1 2010. Within two weeks I was covered in strange little welts, with the bulk being on my arms and torso. I went to the superintendant and asked them if they could check this out and I was told it was nothing. I even went to my doctor and he was baffled by it. The Supers sent the extermintaor to check for bedbugs and he went through and apparently found none. One morning, a few days later, I pulled back the comforter on my bed and in one fold alone there was a pile of about 5

bedbugs, plus their shells and other stuff. I took pictures, I went to the super, they were very apologetic and promised they would have someone in to treat my place asap.
I prepped the place and the guy came in and did his job. Two weeks later, they did the follow up treatment.
I still had bugs - I had the bites to prove it. So I told the super and they said they'd send someone to spray again. Two weeks later, I still had them. I got them to send someone to check and again, they found nothing. That same night, as I was changing my pillow cases, I found 5 bugs in one pillow and two on the other.
They sent the exterminator to my place - with no notice - and he said he'd just spray my bedroom so that I didn't have to do as much prep and could keep the cats at home. It took him under 2 minutes to do the whole thing.
Within two weeks I saw bugs - again - and for the next week I would wake up hourly, turn on the lights and search for (and find) live bed bugs.
I slept on the sofa for the next three weeks until I finally gave in and hired Orkin, who came in, took 30 minutes and did it right - they steamed all my furniture, my bed, my bed frame, they blew powder in the outlets and then sprayed all the baseboards and open cracks.
I've dealt with bedbugs for 5 months at this building and I can't move unless I throw out all my stuff, because otherwise I'll just move the infestation to wherever I end up.
The supers are very nice, and I've met some really nice people in this building, but really, don't move in unless you get a qualified exterminator to flush the place out first because the exterminator the building uses is absolutely useless.

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I have lived in 2422 for more than a year and in the past few months I noticed people moving out in swarms and all there furniture being properly " prepared" and thrown to the curb. I know have been brutally bitten, lost my furniture and the management company takes zero responsibility for it although they will openly admit they've had this problem for over a year and neglected to spray the hallways until this week. Do not live here.

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