2422 Queen St E
Toronto, ON M1N

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STAY AWAY!!! This place is completely infested. I've lived here just under a year and a few neighbours have had bed bug problems, and now I've got 'em too. Getting the landlord to take care of it and moving out, but trust me, DONT move here! The landlord keeps things hush hush and doesn't want anyone in the building knowing about the problem, rather than fumigating surrounding units and hallways, so the cases just keep multiplying. Disgusting.

Hey, Maybe the problem has been fixed at 2422 ( I really don't know) BUT...I lived in this building for 2 years. When I first moved in I asked if there were any issues and the landlord said no.

In July of 2013 I noticed some insane bites on my legs and thought they were just mosquitos. The itchiness continued and the bites started to spread over my body. So I started to look into it. As I was cleaning and tearing apart the apartment to find any indication of Bed bugs I found a HUGE bed bug

late at night on my mattress. At that point I felt a little bit of relief knowing the problem ...but it was a long road ahead.

They were coming up through the floors from the apartment below and in the walls.

after the place was fumigated it was relatively fine until the following spring when I noticed only a few bites and a few bugs coming up through the floor. I immediately moved.

If you are moving into a new place try to look for the certification on the door or by the office of the building. You will know if they landlord actually cares to take care of the place.

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I've been living in this building for 4 years. Never had a single problem with bedbugs, nor heard any reports from the neighbours (I know most of them personally). All clear, y'all!

does anyone know the current status for this apartment? I'm looking at an apartment this week but might reconsider if there are still problems...

I moved in July 1 2010. Within two weeks I was covered in strange little welts, with the bulk being on my arms and torso. I went to the superintendant and asked them if they could check this out and I was told it was nothing. I even went to my doctor and he was baffled by it. The Supers sent the extermintaor to check for bedbugs and he went through and apparently found none. One morning, a few days later, I pulled back the comforter on my bed and in one fold alone there was a pile of about 5

bedbugs, plus their shells and other stuff. I took pictures, I went to the super, they were very apologetic and promised they would have someone in to treat my place asap.
I prepped the place and the guy came in and did his job. Two weeks later, they did the follow up treatment.
I still had bugs - I had the bites to prove it. So I told the super and they said they'd send someone to spray again. Two weeks later, I still had them. I got them to send someone to check and again, they found nothing. That same night, as I was changing my pillow cases, I found 5 bugs in one pillow and two on the other.
They sent the exterminator to my place - with no notice - and he said he'd just spray my bedroom so that I didn't have to do as much prep and could keep the cats at home. It took him under 2 minutes to do the whole thing.
Within two weeks I saw bugs - again - and for the next week I would wake up hourly, turn on the lights and search for (and find) live bed bugs.
I slept on the sofa for the next three weeks until I finally gave in and hired Orkin, who came in, took 30 minutes and did it right - they steamed all my furniture, my bed, my bed frame, they blew powder in the outlets and then sprayed all the baseboards and open cracks.
I've dealt with bedbugs for 5 months at this building and I can't move unless I throw out all my stuff, because otherwise I'll just move the infestation to wherever I end up.
The supers are very nice, and I've met some really nice people in this building, but really, don't move in unless you get a qualified exterminator to flush the place out first because the exterminator the building uses is absolutely useless.

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I have lived in 2422 for more than a year and in the past few months I noticed people moving out in swarms and all there furniture being properly " prepared" and thrown to the curb. I know have been brutally bitten, lost my furniture and the management company takes zero responsibility for it although they will openly admit they've had this problem for over a year and neglected to spray the hallways until this week. Do not live here.

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