1150 Kingston Rd
Toronto, ON M1N

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This is not your fault. It's nobodies fault. The blame game is useless.
There are many, many people facing this problem. Go to www.bedbugger.com for 100s of articles that can help you.

I have been living in this bulging for two years.
On third floor. About six month ago, I start to have bites all over my body. I keep my apartment clean, and do not know how I got them. Unsuccessfully I have spend so much money and time to get rid of them my self. I have paid for the professional pet control guys, it helped for some time but they came back. After that I requested super to look at this, they promised to fix it.
Two month later, they brought some suspicious guys who had they dru

gs in a plastic bags! Well, long story short they didn't fix it. On top of that when I was decide that I was going to leave the place, property manager James O'Gallagher told me that it was me who brought bedbugs, and he is happy that I am leaving. I was so ashamed, until recently I found out that Met Cap Living Management, the company looking after 1150 Kingston road always blame residents on issue. And bedbug is a one of them.

Well, I am happy I found out this registry,
People! Beware, bedbugs is a real problem.

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