Macey Ave
Toronto, ON M1L

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We have been living in 10 Macey for almost a year now & about 6 months ago i woke up in the middle of the night finding it impossible to sleep due to how itchy my whole body was. It went on like that for several weeks i was the only one in my family who had severe rashes all over. Some time later my sister had gotten red bumps & rashes too. We thought it was a skin problem that we were facing untill one night a saw something crawling on my bed. It was a bedbug. I took my blanket off & saw what l

ooked like an army of bedbugs. We threw out a 2nd hand sofa which was in really good condition thinking that maybe this was the source that got the bedbugs in here in the first place but it was no use. We have WASTED so much MONEY buying cans of bedbug spray & bedbug powder, we keep the apartment clean at all times but nothing works. The bedbugs are still here. Me and my sister both disgusted & terrified of the situation have been up all night for several days, we can't sleep at all. It is PSYCHOLOGICALLY & PHYSICALLY STRESSFUL. This building has the WORST MANAGEMENT. We had a coakroach problem and a guy came to spray our apartment. NOTHING WORKED. DON'T MOVE TO THIS BUILDING! We've tried all methods we saw on the internet to get rid of bedbugs but they don't go away. A few days ago my mom saw them crawling down the curtains, apparantly it seemed as if they were a group that had travelled from some other apartment to ours. We are going through such a DIFFICULT TIME IN OUR LIVES. DON'T MOVE TO THIS BUILDING!

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I recently moved out from this bed bug infested building. My child and I were bitten all over and I had to throw away my brand new furniture and clothes, because the infestation was severe. My child and I are physically and psychologically scarred from this experience. DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING. The Property Managers are the worst I have ever dealt with.

10 Macey Ave

this apartment had bedbugs.. are we allowed to moved out even we haven't finsh our contract? we have red rashes cause by the bedbugs bites.... we clean our room everyday and even spray it but still they are still there...please give us advise if we can move asap....

We lived there for 3 years and had bedbugs after a year. They were so bad and they didnt do anything about it. We went through 3 mattresses and at one point we were sleeping on an air mattress. We had to get rid of all our furniture and most of our clothes. Whenever we thought we got rid of them, they came back again because no one else in the building seemed to care

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