20 Teesdale Pl
Toronto, ON M1L

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This place is an absolute shit hole. do not move here, you will regret it and hate your home.

This place is infested with bugs (roaches & bed bugs). The super is a crazy guy who goes on power trips, and is extremely rude. had him enter my units twice for no apparent reason.

Constant maintenance to the building, with water and power being cut off for random jobs with little or no notice at all.

Most ppl living in the building look like the Taliban who are rude, stinky and outrigh

t filthy.
do yourself a favour, and do not move here, you will regret it if you did. I know I am, and I hate my own home

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Back in Jan of this year(2009) we found a bunch on bottom of the mattress left behind by the people who lived in the apartment. We didn't even know what they were!! Eweee..The lazy asses didn't bother to throw away the nasty infested mattress + spring box. Couldn't sleep after that incident for days! didn't get bitten till a few days later, my roommate got bitten. We told the management about it when we first saw the mattress but all they did was give us a can of spray and told us we had to seal

it ourselves! The management doesn't give a crap in this apartment and the surrounding apartment buildings (20,30 Teesdale PL) etc.) They are lazy, dirty and slow sons of bitches. Whatever you do, do NOT move in this apartment buildings. Princess management SUCKS!!!

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Got bitten this morning at 2 am :( right on my face and hand, told landlord few weeks ago, they advised we seal our baseboards and gave us some spray. We did everyhting accordingly! but I was not spared.

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