20 Teesdale Pl
Toronto, ON M1L

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Happy tenant in teesdale fmao I lived there for 4 years in didn't see anyone move there and live happy. Not to mention bugs and the old monster lady, there is one bold guy working he is racist. Don't believe? Go ask him a question you will find out. And the super flirts with every lady living in that building. Good luck happy tenant lol

This is our Second and half year to live in 20 Teesdale Place. We love the area, the Apt., the Super Attendant except the old lady who is not friendly at all. So far we do not have any problem except the lady who is sitting in the office all day had a big attitude. She treats all as if the tenant are her servant. She should be retired by now because this is her time to enjoy with her rest of life instead of building lots of hate round her. The rest of the workers are so polite and as a tenant, y

es you can count on them to get the service well done by them but only if you do not report any issues to the lady.

It is a pleasure to be here and hope we will continue to stay here as long as we have those three hard worker men. One of the older one looks unfriendly but if you ask him to solve any problems he is so kind. The second one is kind of their manager but he cares about the safety of all tenants. He faces all kind of problems if he thinks that will affect any of the tenant. He is one of the best protector to this building. If he was not here, I would say this place would be a living of hell. The third one is kind of too quiet but so sweet, kind, friendly and hard worker. He follows those both men and we see him always working so hard. He barely speak English but so polite. So glad to have him in this building as well. For sure his co workers will be so glad too. Let's give him a big credit for cleaning the area, fixing things when he is asked to do, being so friendly and protective to our elder family including the children. These men deserves to get five stars!

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We have cockroaches and other bugs coming in from outside. We had to be extra careful to stop the bugs from taking hold of our apartment. The corridor is extremely filthy and is never cleaned. The staff is very very rude and incompetent. The lady at the desk behaves horribly with the tenants, she lied to us on multiple occasions and randomly made up rules which were intentionally complicated, it just seems like she takes pleasure in causing difficulty for the tenants. Do NOT live there if you c

an help it.

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Lived here for 3 years. After about four months, noticed a couple cockroaches. The management staff offers monthly bug treatments (which should have been our first clue). We had the treatment done and we didn't see any bugs for almost 2 years.

6 month ago we noticed a couple. Had the treatment done again. It didn't work. Had to wait 3 weeks to have it done again. Still didn't work. We have spent +$100 on sprays and powders, NOTHING WORKS. I agree that there are a lot of disgusting people livi

ng here whose filthy living habits make it impossible to get rid of bugs. They live in the walls and under the flooring.

The staff here has always been friendly and helpful to us when we needed them. The bug problem is entirely due to the dirty people living here. Every time I have seen the staff be rude or aggressive, it has been with good reason. The people who live here are nuts! Stay away.

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this place is good only for creatures that likes eating bugs. All day all night you Will be accompanied by bugs cockroaches, bedbugs,all kind of Indian masala smell in the hallways, on the top of that you will be treated like a bitch by the board members. And if that's not enough you will smell weed whenever u open you're Window at night. And if you tried to call the head office they will hang up on you till you gave up and not call again.

This place is a nightmare please do not move in 20 teesdale place you will regret it for the rest of you're life. All the stuff is rude, unhelpful, I would say even scary they can beat u up if u made a mistake. The supertenant abuses tenants all the time all the people know in that building it's not for normal human there Cockroach all over the building even in elevators plus bedbugs every floor. I couldn't live there even for a 8 months I left it like that and still paid for it for a year.

Most fucked up people works in this building rude as hell you gonna regret it for life if u move here. I wasted my 1 year here and I regret it and remember it for my life. This people working in this building are like gangsters actually they can hurt you if you argue with them full of shit roaches all over the building even in elevators bedbugs. I would never live here again if they let me stay for free.

this place is so much bed bedbugand i report so many time they dont do nothing atall.

This place is an absolute shit hole. do not move here, you will regret it and hate your home.

This place is infested with bugs (roaches & bed bugs). The super is a crazy guy who goes on power trips, and is extremely rude. had him enter my units twice for no apparent reason.

Constant maintenance to the building, with water and power being cut off for random jobs with little or no notice at all.

Most ppl living in the building look like the Taliban who are rude, stinky and outrigh

t filthy.
do yourself a favour, and do not move here, you will regret it if you did. I know I am, and I hate my own home

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Back in Jan of this year(2009) we found a bunch on bottom of the mattress left behind by the people who lived in the apartment. We didn't even know what they were!! Eweee..The lazy asses didn't bother to throw away the nasty infested mattress + spring box. Couldn't sleep after that incident for days! didn't get bitten till a few days later, my roommate got bitten. We told the management about it when we first saw the mattress but all they did was give us a can of spray and told us we had to seal

it ourselves! The management doesn't give a crap in this apartment and the surrounding apartment buildings (20,30 Teesdale PL) etc.) They are lazy, dirty and slow sons of bitches. Whatever you do, do NOT move in this apartment buildings. Princess management SUCKS!!!

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Got bitten this morning at 2 am :( right on my face and hand, told landlord few weeks ago, they advised we seal our baseboards and gave us some spray. We did everyhting accordingly! but I was not spared.

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