10 Macey Ave
Toronto, ON M1L

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DO NOT MOVE HERE. if you love your children and family. I'm not joking. Don't bring yourself or your family to this building. It is infested. I have never had bed bugs problems at all. I always keep my unit clean. Everything stored correctly. The management is not hiring the proper people to correct this issue that is going on in all the building. they even wanted me to get rid of my furniture at my own expense to replace. While its abvious its the building issue. they have fumigated twice and s

till not correcting the issue.

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Got to my new apartment on the rental date with a full truck with all of my belongings and was told my apt wasn't ready! Had to store my furniture in an empty apartment and "couch surf" for weeks.

The management team is EXCELLENT but the owner MetCap Living are slumlords in my opinion. The contractors they use are obviously completely incompetent. They have done alleged repairs to my apt over past 7 weeks and we still have not been able to unpack.

We have been sprayed for cockroaches whi

ch are rampant 3 times and STILL need to be sprayed again so we CAN'T unpack and actually make this a home.

Management TRIES SO HARD to correct problems but MetCap seems to be completely unresponsive and irresponsible.

Tenants seem nice but the garbage chutes should be sealed. They are disgusting with garbage - sometimes leaking bags - all over the chute room and most of the time the chutes are filled with bags not pushed down. I have to come home and out gloves on to clean the room myself if it is after hours.
If I don't, there are no guarantees that the after hour supers will actually show up to rectify the matter.

It is no wonder we can't get rid of the cockroaches.

Just recently we have discovered bed bugs. I am horrified! I've lived in public housing that was kept much cleaner!! I have NEVER had bed bugs. It is a horrendous experience.

I am being eaten alive every night. It was reported on a Thursday and I have to wait to receive a letter to instruct ME on what I have to do to eradicate the bed bugs!! Why should I have to do ANYTHING? They should exterminate AND purchase bed bug specific mattress protectors and anything else to prevent reoccurrence.

Management is frustrated. I have witnessed them instructing contractors yet contractors DO NOT follow their instructions. MetCap should be sued for the uninhabitable conditions in this building BUT the building managers should be commended for keeping up with the level of filth and disrepair and non response from MetCap contractors. I don't know why they haven't quit yet.

I will be forced to request rent rebate or go to Landlord Tenant Board to get my apartment habitable very soon. I can't continue to live this way.

I WOULD AVOID THIS BUILDING & ALL METCAP OWNED PROPERTIES AT ALL COSTS. I'd rather be homeless than live here but I am locked into a year's lease.

Again, DO NOT BLAME THE BUILDING MANAGERS. They are WONDERFUL and seem to be as frustrated as I am.

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April 17, 2015
I went in there and like any building I have been in of there is cockroaches but they have it all under control.
90% of the tenants that live there are not the cleanest people at all. If they new how to pick up after themselves there would not be any problems in the building. The management have a hard of time dealing with garbage thrown all over the place and dealing with them in the hallways, staircases, people getting away with anything and doing anything

cockroaches are smoking

The worst place ever. I went there last Friday (5 June 2015) to view an apartment before renting. From the very entrance you get a funny smell. The lady at the management office was yelling at someone and the cleaner took us to the apartment for a showing. As soon as we reached the 12th floor, we were greeted by a roach right in the hallway. The apartment doors were all in bad shape, scratched, have not been repainted in a decade. The apartment I was shown, was nothing different. A family was al

ready living there with way too much furniture. I did not even bother to look into the kitchen, I still went to check the washroom. What I saw made me cancel my lunch plans. Insects crawling around the floor, black slime in the tub and dirt of decades in between the tiles of the wall. I wonder on what basis they were asking 979 dollars a month. Do not even go there for free.

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Oh wow what a horrible building I hate it bed bugs were here but now they are gone but still cockroaches are coming in now!

Ha! what a building is this becoming now, a year ago we can complain to the management,They do care,but now infestation and mismanagement is so severe that management don't want to talk with the tenant.Most of the time when i go to office I find no one.
So I am moving out soon.

I recently moved out from this bed bug infested building. My child and I were bitten all over and I had to throw away my brand new furniture and clothes, because the infestation was severe. My child and I are physically and psychologically scarred from this experience. DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING. The Property Managers are the worst I have ever dealt with.

I moved in hear 2 years to long ago.
The renting lady promised me the leak and hole in the ceiling would be patched up before i moved in. 2 years later ...still leaking.

She also said it was a clean unit.
Now i have a son, You would think people would have common decentsy to give us people with families a heads up that you are moving into a cracked out neighbour hood with dirt bags every where and that your unit will be infested!


I had bed bugs and got rid of all my stuff.
NOW my apartment is infested with cockroaches. I think the bed bugs are coming back as i have a few itchy bites on me from sitting on my own couch.
I just gave my 60 days notice to these idiots.
The managment had the audacity to tell me to make sure my unit is clean,fix damages(if appliciable),to clean my fridge,stove and return all of the keys/cards ect when i leave.

WHAAT?!?!? will my sons scar on his chin be returned as well because he slipped on the puddle in the morning from the leaky roof? I do not fucking think so. will i be reinbursed for all the money i spent on replacing all my stuff.

She(manager) will be showing the apartment and aparently can waltz in with out notice from 9-8pm.

alrighty then.

Well the prospective renters are going to get an ear full from me about this shity ass building and even shittier managment.
When i am gone, there will be signes and i'll even leave out the cockroach traps out in the open to ensure they know what they are getting into.
SO f***ing happy to leave this hole!

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I am now living in 408. In my room bed bugs, cockroaches are host, sometimes we try to sleep/rest but host are not giving any chance. Now, recently water is coming out from the wooden floor. I asked several times to management, but they are not taking any step. I have one year leasing agreement, so what will I do? I request all of you,please avoid this worse appartment

I moved in November 2010.
The lady who rented me this apartment told me that the leak in my ceiling would be fixed before i moved in, It's been 2 years and it is still there. These landlords DO NOT FIX SHIT.
The managment is always changing and nothing is ever fixed.
I got bed bugs and after throwing out everything and 2 times of spraying they were gone thank god, but i lost a lot of stuff.
But now I have cockroaches and i can't get rid of them. This place is a hole!
Also to mention crackh

eads and drunks all over the place.
If you have a family and don't like dirty places avoid this building and METCAP ENTIRELY!!!!!!!

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My apartment has been sprayed SIX times and they just keep coming back. The building is INFESTED!!!!! Metcap are vile slumlords - avoid this building at all costs! Moving here was the biggest mistake I've ever made.

*16th Floor*
We moved in to the building in September of 2011, and by December my boyfriend and I started waking up with little red bite marks all over us. I had never dealt with beg bugs before and it took a few days for us to figure out what the marks were from. Once we realized, we immediately went downstairs to management to complain and put in a written request to have our unit sprayed as soon as possible. Two weeks later Orkin finally sprayed my unit and after hundreds of dollars in clean

ing supplies, laundry, etc my unit seemed to be pest free. Fast forward two months later (Feb 2012) and I have started finding bed bugs crawling under my door as well as the baseboards around my front entrance hallway. They are obviously coming from other units and the disgusting old carpet in the hallway and management don't seem to care at all. This building is a complete dive and moving here was the biggest mistake I have ever made. Management is useless and the more I look in to Metcap the more I realize they are nothing but a large corporate SLUM LORD. I'm taking them to the rental tenant board to get out of my lease and all I can say is there's an obvious reason why Metcap was given the Golden Cockroach award last year for the worst landlords in the city. Do your research before making the mistake of moving into this hell hole!!!!

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I HATE DIS BUILDING!!!!!!!!!!!111

i found bedbugs in my underwear and swimming in my toilet! i cant even take a poopy anymore!i found roaches in my fridge drinking all my juice and in my cereal.when i moved in, my balcony was full of cigerettes and pigeons,i dont know know if someone dropped them there or the pigeons are smoking.there are are people upstairs who keep hammering something and keep on lifting chairs and dropping them. my neighbors keep playing clown music. i think there making their own circus. the chinese supers k

eep fighting. all they do is paint. every day the elevators are covered in paint. thers always a sign saying 'wet pants' but i cant find any.i think they should put the sign in the launderey room. the stairs are flooding with pee, the piss keeps sticking to my shoes,i bought a white pair of nike's and now they are dark yellow and glued to the floor.the elevators are broken, and the buttons are covered in green and yellow boogers.i found needles in the basements washroom,i dont know why all the doctors are giving flu shots while people have to pee.lastly,there are about 912 parking spotscovered in piss and there are only about 2 cars in it and one is a remote control car.
i keep hearing the word pot. i think people here are all gardeners!thats all

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WORST BUILDING I HAVE EVER SEEN! honestly the basement washroom is full of heroin needles and alcohol. There's piss on every floor in the stairs, there are bedbugs on every floor, its completely infested, there are roaches just crawling around on the walls, there were even rats at a certain point if i remember correctly. Severe water damage in the basement, could cause the building to collapse, graffiti, vandalism everywhere, supers who can hardly speak English and fix none of the problems, man

agement that completely ignores your requests, pigeons on the balconies, constant power failures or fire alarm tests. Constant need for elevator repair. Just please do not under any circumstance move to this building. It is nothing but a cesspool of vermin and filth. If anyone is reading this i urge you to contact and inspector of some sort to either bring this building up to code or SHUT IT DOWN!

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I have been living in this place for a while now, and it is nothing but crap. We were infested by bedbugs, which it took them 2 months to come and spray. (Even though we reported it when we first noticed) And now, right after the bedbugs we are dealing with cockroaches. Which we are still waiting to be dealt with. Like everyone else has said "AVOID 10 MACEY!!!"

Hi. I have been in this building in 2010. I have seen 2 supers who came, couldn't survive and left.. the last one was good (forgot his name), but nonetheless I had to pay for my entire tenure even if my apartment was not liveable.

I was in Apt. 509. I got to know my neighbours that Apt. 508, 510, 506,511 (and I guess the entire floor) all were heavily infested with Bed bugs. Those guys also left with me..

This building is a depot of filth and vermin, and besides bed bugs you would find all

sorts of insects and roaches, pigeons. Not sure if bed bugs and these are related, but I remember I never got a peaceful day during my stay in this building.

Twice they sprayed chemicals that didn't seem to work. I still got the bites after some days, albeit the sharpness of the bites after they sprayed caused less inflammation.

Finally when I was hopeless I searched another rental apt. and left.

In my opinion - stay away from 10 Macey Avenue. Don't even think if you are getting a unbelievably good deal with MetCap - they are cheaters!

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Avoid at all costs - extremely unprofessional building.

I am new in Canada and when arrived was unsuspecting. Never knew such a thing exists. On the very first day of arrival I noticed some red marks which I thought was allergic reaction to seafoods, later my Doctor said these could be potential bed bug marks which I verified within a week.

This building has tons of bedbugs and actually infamous in the locality for this reason. These bugs creep from vents and electric lines and through the

hallway.. the entire building is infested by them - at least the lower floors are certain to have them.

Most old tenants know this, and try to take measures themselves knowing that management won't do a thing. Even if you report they would first yell at you and accuse of carrying these pests with you. If you insist the would have their typical vendor called who would ask you to leave the first thing. The vendor is paid (I guess I remember this correctly - 11 dollars) per apartment.. so they do what they are paid for.

My wife had severe bites on her eyes (that was worst), the management still dared to deny it!

My Advice to tenants: this is futile to argue with the management. They have really thick skin and won't really care. Rather collect some of these bugs in a clear zip-lock bag and take it to the nearest City inspector.

They may not allow you to brake the lease and leave peacefully - you can then take help from tenancy board.

I have suffered a lot - it was a living hell. Earlier Super - Mike and Shahan were the gatekeepers of that hell who were asked to leave by the MetCap management.

This building is typically for tenants who live on Govt. support (i.e. without jobs), so no other building would allow them entry. Some tenants also have a habit of take with them thrown-away stuff.. unless that practice is stopped no one can stop the spread of bugs.

Let me not stop you if you are still keen to pursue your luck - go and check for yourself.

Just ask local residents before you pay for the first and the last months' rent!

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moved in on July 9th 2011 from Montreal- have had nothing but problems with my unit- upon signing of my lease i was informed that this unit in particular was clean and no cockroaches. Since moved in i have found tons of cockroaches and to top it off today (7/27/2011) i woke up with bites on my neck which I'm guessing is bed bugs.. i will be moving out of the unit ASAP... they can take me to the rental board.. i have pictures and emails to prove this. AVOID 10 MACEY AVE!!!

I moved in here November 1st, and the apartment hadn't been sprayed yet. They said they would spray within the first 2 weeks - didn't happen. November 13th, I woke up with bites that I didn't understand. Then finally realized they were bed bugs. I reported them, they said they'd come spray, then when they arrived they told me I wasn't prepared for it - my super never provided me with a sheet with all of the information to prepare for sprayings. It is now Feb 8th, and still nothing has been done.

I'm still covered in bites and need out of this place ASAP!

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October 23, 2010

I was in the laundry room and found 2 dead Bed Bugs!!! Someone in this building has bedbugs and need to report it so it doesn't spread.

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