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Sorry, I already report a bedbud problem at this location. Besides my own personal experince I am away that it is a rather common buildig-wide issue. Too, since this building was recently renovated on it's lower leverls, I was told this allowed in ingress of mice into the building. This is an 11 Storey building. Many mice have been found through many apartment including those close to the top of the building. Arrangement can be made with the call centre to have an exterminator come in an

do "his thing" where it might be mechanical snap traps or glue traps. I've approached the office, and though it took a little pleading, and a return trip, they did provide some mice glue traps (4) which I used to catch about 7 mice here in my 1 bedroom apartment. Being an animal lover I was able to extract the mice from the blue and release they across the street in a wooded area.

A Curious point: since the mice are able to travel from one apartment to another via the seams around water (heating) pipes, are they too able to carry bedbugs with them (just as fleas, might be able to) -- some pet owners don't treat there pets for fleas.

It is my understanding that fleas can carry disease born pathogens to people. Might somehow this figure into the case for a Heath Concern which would allow entry and imposed treatment for premises where tenants are objecting?

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I had them in my apartment as the result of unwittingly bring in a piece of furniture. It wasn't until I returned to the apartment an hour later that one of my guests noticed that this piece of furniture was strongly infested and the bedbugs were crawlling all over it in broad day light close to a sunny window.

Fortunately, I callled the call centre for what as then TCHC and they made arrangement for a professional spraying. The product they used was called Drag Net. The sprayer was a a ni

ce fellow and was clearly doing a thorough job. The preparation work has to be done first. The apartment belong must be place to the centre of the room and contents of kitchen shelves and cuboard must be (boxed likely) and placed at the centre of a room.

This took care of the problem -- end of story! Too it eliminated -- for a good long time -- the cockroach problem which still persists today. For this problem I've used the diatomic earth. It seems to have taken a few weeks to begin to work. However one must be dilligent is keeping one's place extremly clean of food particles and scraps, and reduce the clutter/hiding places that cockroaches enjoy.

Sadly, many people are unable/incapable of preparing for these treatments as they have overfilled/overcrowded apartments and just wouldn't be able to make room for a proper spraying.

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