2239 Eglinton Ave E
Toronto, ON M1K

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iv been living at 2239 for about 2 1/2 years and when I first moved in had bed bugs for a couple months then roaches this building is nasty and on top of that they keep raseing the rent and the problem isn't solved roaches in the staircase hallways these buildings suck don't move in they take your money and put it towards things that aren't important plus all that parking space and they worried bout me taking a spot wack

It took us few months, after doing 4 chemical treatments - 2 steam and painted the whole apartment we regained our peace of mind, however througout the year I keep seeing infested furnitures thrown by the building garbage bin! At the same time I met with other tenants who reported having bedbugs in their appartments...the building is infested... I did send a 4 pages report to Building Management including advises on how to help treating bedbugs but have not receive any feedback and I still see s

ame issues! I have invested money and time in my place to fill up all the cracks, bought for over $600 matress and spring box bedbugs covers, replaced furnitures...

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About a month ago, we noticed that the whole family is being bitten and we did not know what's going on as we have never heard or crossed the bed bugs! Our infants were crying every night and we did not know the reason, until one night we checked under the bed sheet then we discovered small bugs! Same night I was telling my story to a friend who confirmed to me that we have bed bugs!!! Right away I checked the mattress and the spring boxes and I was chocked to see that we have got tens of bedbug

s with a lot of eggs around. In the morning, I reported the issue to the superintendent who seems very familiar with the problem and I was told that the bedbugs are spread everywhere in North America! Since then we have been living in nightmares, the building scheduled the first treatment after five days and we were told to vacuum the whole apartment, including books and pack up everything…We emptied the drawers, shelves…We were asked to launder all our cloths…Worse than a forced moving! During the preparation we discovered that our sofas were infested as well. We were waiting for Tuesday as the day of hope and at the same time we were working hard to get ready for the treatment. In the preparation check list offered by the company, it says that they will treat the mattresses, sofas, tables, chairs, corners of the apartment…When the technician came he asked us to leave the apartment right away. 10 to 15 min later we met the technician in the lobby, I was surprised and I commented that was too fast! Next day I checked the apartment and I was very deceived as all my bedroom furniture remained in the same place unmoved, a very bad sign reflecting the quality of the treatment! Since then ever night we spent in the apartment was a nightmare, we couldn’t sleep and we were watching our infants consistently…After complaining that the treatment was not appropriate, the management reschedule another treatment after almost 3 weeks and we had to fight to book it a week earlier. Our second treatment was similar to the first one; the building manager got involved and requested a third treatment after one week, again I could tell that the company is doing a cheap work while we have to suffer. As of today we still see the bedbugs coming up to the bed during night time and most of them are very small and there are crawling over our infants! As a conclusion, so far almost $2000 of cost, socially your friends are afraid to get close to you and psychologically you feel beaten, no sleep, can’t work, you need to take care of two infants and you fight the devil by yourself. Today I called in the morning and I left an urgent message to the property manager, so far no call was returned! Since I already warned the management couple of times, I decided to take action first by registering the building as no one should experience what I am going through, 2 – I am planning to call the health department and the Media since the problem is not being addressed properly. 3- I was told to keep quiet and I think that’s not right; if you are hiring a company that can’t perform the job properly, the longest it takes to fix the issue the highest the risk is to infest the neighbors’ apartments… I recently noticed that some new furniture infested have been thrown in the garbage box of the building…Reason why I believe everyone should be aware of the issue.
SO be very careful, never hire Good-day pest control Inc and stay away from bedbugs

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