525 Markham Rd
Toronto, ON M1H

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Terrible growth within the neighborhood, this building is infested with bedbugs and crack dealers, police presence and health inspection is needed around this building !

This building is full of hoodlums and drug presence, people urinate all over the staircase, management has shown no intrest in dealing with these problems and most cameras don't work ! Must i not forget to mention the bed bugs, when i first moved in i had bed bugs for the first 4 months until the property manger actually took action. I DO NOT RECCOMEND this building to anyone its horrible for the youth and younger generation of the community !

i live in this building and unfortunately just 1 floor below me there is an elderly lady that lives by herself and her unit is COMPLETELY infested. apparently when the new superintendant's wife called the authorities on her, they could see the bed bugs crawling on her skin. i have a family member that lives on her floor so she got infested and we had to throw out couches, beds etc and for myself i think a few came up and i threw out some furniture to be safe and they treated my apartment as a pr

ecaution. i've called public health and they advised that they have treated the elderly woman's apartment a few times (if i'm correct)and they helped her move furniture etc etc to do a proper treatment but she is so frail so i'm sure she can't do all the sealing of all clothes and washing them etc etc and all other proper steps to prevent re-infestations. i've spoken to other people that have been infested in this building as well. it's a shame because this building used to be so nice and clean and now bedbugs and roaches

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The building is infested and has been sprayed a number of times. Toronto Health has been notified and was involved in forcing the property manager to take action.

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