80 Mornelle Ct
Toronto, ON M1E

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I have seen cockroaches everywhere, from kitchen cupboards to the bathtub. They acknowledged the problem and just shrugged. Doesn't matter if you keep your unit insanely clean, the whole building is infested. There are many holes in the walls that allow bugs to travel from unit to unit. The whole building is infested and needs to be fumigated. They also don't seem to care if tenants leave garbage in the stairwells, it seems to stay there for days before someone cleans it up. I would never rent w

ith MetCap Living again.

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I am currently living on the 8th floor and have to say, this place is not ALL that bad. For the amount of rent you pay, its a good bargain. The supers are willing to do what it takes upon any sightings of cockroaches. We had spotted the odd one upon move in, and immediately asked for the unit to be fully fumigated and sprayed. They did as we asked very cooperatively, and we have seen zero bugs or roaches since! You get a huge space for the low rent you pay, and they recently renovated the lobby

which looks very modern. Don't be too scared away by the other comments, as long as you keep your unit tidy and ask for a fumigation upon move in, you should run into very little problems here

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THIS PLACE IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! The tenants are throwing their garbage over the balconies, the garbage room and laundry room are infested with roaches. No matter how many times they spray the unit they just keep on coming back. They need to tear those walls down one by one in order to get that infestation problem in check. If they going to spray one unit they should spray at least two floor at a time so that if they decide to run to the next unit that unit is sprayed too. NIGHTMARE to live

there! Glad I kicked that bucket

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Well my husband and I just moved in thought it was a cleaner building then 500 Dawes rd abd one night we were on the bed and saw our dog looking at something on the bed. Omg it was a bug we thought it was a roach. So I started to investigate and found out it was a bedbug. Next thing I started to check my mattress and box spring there they were. My worst nightmare. I went to the super and told her she sandbags wanted proof one in a bag or jar before she spray. I said I cleaned them up I am not

sleeping with bugs! Bottom line I had to throw out my bedroom furniture and get a air mattress I've been sprayed once I hope they don't come back no new ffurniture tell they are gone. Superintendent is very difficult though and I do see alot of befs around my floor. I guess move in at your own risk! !!

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This place is absolutely horrendous. The amount of disgusting cockroaches I've seen since moving in has been enough to permanently scar me for life. We've had our apartment fumigated upwards of three times, to no prevail. Stay away from this place, aside from the infestations taking place, the entire building itself is miserably cared for. The super intendants don't care for these issues at all, and the place is an absolute garbage dump. Disgusting. Cockroaches are EVERYWHERE!!

Currently infested with cockroaches and bed bugs. Stay clear

We left November 2012 because of the bed bug infestation and management refusing to help.

Never seen a bed bug ever and tonight i was looking at my matress and noticed black spots that looked like mold... and killed a bug earlyer but thought nothing of it ... googled it and to my horror discovered its bed bugs !!! AHHHHHHHHH ive never seen one nvm being infested ... i dont know what to do im so embarassed i dont care what the do's and donts say im throwing the matress out thats disgusting and the building needs to be SPRAYED!

tenants living at this address have been infested with bed bugs the management refuses to spray but only sprays for cockroaches. Public health nursed have also attended the address ad notified the landlord the say they know nothing about it. this whole thing began in May 2010 ans still nothing has been done. There are countless work order put into the property management office about the issue and still nothing is done.

June 2010-Aug 2010-80 Mornelle Court-there is an infestation in the entire building that is not being dealt with properly. Infested furniture left in the hallways and super refused to remove stating garbage area was full. Management also refused to have this dealt with immediately. Sprayers spray very sparingly having little or not effect at all.

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