4175 Lawrence Ave E
Toronto, ON M1E

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I was visiting my friend in this building when I saw the bedbugs, on Sunday February 5, 2012.

I observed them when he asked me to move his bed onto the balcony to "air it out".

He state the whole building had them.

He also felt powerless to be able to do anything about it.

I will try to help him.

I saw your post on bedbugger.com. I am sorry to hear about your neighbor. I felt I should take the time to write.

I had bb's for over 2 years and the chemicals failed ( phamtom, suspend, demand, kicker, bedlam). Here is what finally worked please pass it on. Liquid DE. I have tried DE powder in the past without much success ( tood thick mostly afraid to use due to lung cancer risk ). An epidemelogist in New Mexico who has a nationally syndicated column uses this. A girl on bedbugger.com jean

ette used this, that is where I understood the mix ( 20% liquid dish soap, 40% h20, 40% ethyl alcohol and as much DE as you can dissolve in a sprayer, I use a chapin one from the hardware store so it does not clog ). It is nontoxic once dry ( where a mask to apply ). Follow jeanette's advise, it has been over a month for me bite free this is the longest in over two years that I have not been bitten. If you have the same success please take the time to pass it on. Here is the link http://bedbugger.com/forum/topic/four-months-bite-free-steps-taken#post-35316

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I reside in a 13 storey apartment building here at 4175 Lawrence Ave. East.(m1e4t7)

The Landlord here has told me that she is battling bed bugs on EVERY SINGLE FLOOR.

Every Monday the pest control guy comes and makes his rounds to spray for bed bugs.(For people that have prepared their unit, and are on 'the list' to be sprayed)

I've had my unit sprayed so so many times this past 12 months, and I still have bed bugs!

Getting a new bed/furniture does NOT work!!!
The bed bug

s live in the building/structure.

In January 2009, the man that lived in unit #1306 KILLED HIMSELF because he couldn't handle the mental stress of getting CHEWED UP by bed bugs anymore.
He wrote several letters to the building INSISTING that they 'once and for all' rid his unit of its bedbug problem OR MOVE HIM TO ANOTHER UNIT, OR HE WOULD TAKE HIS OWN LIFE.

I was told ''secretly'' by staff here that there were 3 suicides at this building so far because of bedbugs, HOWEVER "the system" has to hide how seriously damaging bed bugs have become to the quality of life and people's basic sanity.

Most people here, (like most larger-cities) are very poor, and do not have the means to 'up and move' and attempt to 'outrun' these bedbugs.

Loss of human life has now become a factor in this issue.


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