24 John St N
Hamilton, ON L8R

Found 4 reports:

In May 2010 apt 10 and 3 had reported bed bugs and bites. Gave proof (bed bugs caught and killed by tenants.) Apartments 10, 12, and 3 were sprayed August 18 almost 3 months after first verbal/text complaint. Second spray of those three apartments the first week of September. No further bugs found to this point.

I moved from apartment 3 to apartment 11 in November. The property management said that the apartment had been inspected and found to be bed bug free. With in 48 hours of moving in I

was getting bites and withint 7 days had caught two live adults which were given to the property management. Was requested verbally and was acused of bringing them from apartment 3. Which doesn't make a whole lot of sense since all of my clothes were washed and dried and bagged, all of my furnature and belongings inspected carefully and sprayed before moving them up to apartment 11.

Because the property management/landlord had not moved on the bed bug situation a formal letter was issued on December 5th (or there about.) No response was given. Another letter was given on January 13th, and again on January 19th.

Recommend thinking twice about moving into this building. If you do make sure you do everything in writing from the very first day or nothing is going to be done. Do your homework as well so you know how to deal with bed bugs and what to look for before you move in.

Renee Thompson
Tenant Apt 11

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I've been bitten several times on my feet and they seem to be coming from the cracks in the floor and the edges of the walls in apartment 5-8-9-10 and I wouldn't be surprised if they're in the whole building. Slum lord to the core, think twice before you move in..

Bedbug bites started showing up two months ago even during the day in apartment 12. Then we found adult and nymph stage bedbugs. Did a lot of cleaning, spraying and more cleaning but still bedbugs coming out all the time. Now getting bites in apartment 3 as well and caught and killed two adults. Have inspected and cleaned apartment 3 thoroughly but got more bites just today

Property Management has just changed hands last months and they have been notified and spoken to a number of times now.

Given a sample of the bedbugs and today shown bites. Said that they are not sure what to do. Need to really get moving on this since there are reports of bedbugs before the current tenant in #10 and others in the building have been saying that there has been a problem over the last two years.

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Bedbugs previously in apartments 5, 9, 10, 12 (known), possibly others as well. Next door is infamously slum apartments and the belief is that they come from there.

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