95 Hess St S
Hamilton, ON L8P

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I moved in in 2004, moved out 2012. The last 6 years were in nightmare. I replaced furniture 5 * and had to throw it out 5 * because they do not adequately spray. I had a chronic pain is you which meant I needed help to me prepare my apartment. They would not help me. I lived on the top floor can have rats mice running around over my head at night. Bed bugs while you're sitting in the tub bed bugs in broad daylight mark walking around the apartment that building is not fit for human living. They

should all the porn down 95 has to 181 Jackson and the 2 buildings across the street from Jackson. A friend just moved out of the ninth floor at 181 Jackson which is relevant as they share a parking lot in underground garage. He lived in a nightmare. You couldn't go to his place the bugs are crawling on him in broad daylight cross the floor over the ceiling not cockroaches though they were there bed bugs.

95 haz will never be properly fixed. They don't care. Scott Brown dress the property manager of 95 actually told me the second time I had bed bugs and I'm quoting what do you expect living in that building?

That is the kind of attitude they have. Anyone who lives there is cum. Thats there thinking. Some of us are university educated and do no fault of your own have come up on circumstances where we needed low income housing. I have now move somewhere more my band is almost 6 * what it was in 95 ass and I have not seen a bed bug. It's been a year and a half not 1 bed bug.

When I lived at 95 has I tolerated a murder right across the hall within months of moving in. Does a stabbing every few months. The elevators never work. There are bed bugs and cockroaches everywhere. The laundry room forget it.

It is absolutely along with 129 bold Street wear a friend lives 1 of the worst buildings I've ever seen in my life. Do not live there do not move in if you are there leave everything behind but the clothes you can wash and the books you can freeze to make sure there's no bugs in them and move. Don't take your furniture do not take your electronics or do your taking the bug problem with you.

You will not sleep you will be a wreck you will b1 anxiety ridden human being if you try and stay there.

Do not for any reason live at 95 has or 181 Jackson Street West. You are better off homeless. And I'm not exaggerating for dramatic effect.

No 1 should have to live that way no 1.

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i have a problem with the fact that there are rats that live in the hall way ceilings. thay transport bed bugs and god knows what else with them, from each floor to the next. what is tha world comming to when your not even safe to sit on your own toilet with out being bombbarded with bed bugs filled with your neighbours blood.

IT been freaking now 3 weeks i didnt sleep because of BED BUGS they ruin my time of sleep and i feel unsafe when i try to sleep. i have to go sleep most of the time to my friends and stuff and i cant tell them i have bed bugs because its embarrassing its like hell sleeping in that buillding i get rash and stuff and i get paranoid theres cocaroach everywhere and im a clean person i call the department and they say they will come in about 1 week like wtf why they dont do it right away!!!!!!! tha

t means it be one week for me that i wont sleep honesly this building a piece of s**** theres stabing drug dealers asshole rude people the walls are dirty it smell dirty like i rather sleep outside in the park then here because theres no bed bugs and i will have a nice sleep but here its dirty the florr are not done the elevator smell and its dirty. i cant stand it i wanna leave or they should do something about it because EVERYONE IN THIS BUILDING CANT SLEEP AND I MEAN EVERYONE

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I am the same person who posted as "Anonymous on 12/01/2010" When i moved in, I filled all holes in walls and under kitchen cabinets with steel wool and plaster. I put dimacieous earth powder all behind stove and fridge on top of the cabinets, and on the floor under the heater. I also have double sided carpet tape that catches the bed bugs and roaches trying to come in under the door. I have been bitten twice in a year, so I guess thats not too bad. I have a vinyl cover over my mattress so that

Helps. I see roaches all the time tho, even tho I am clean. This place is infested! They are all over the walls and floors in the hallways. People throw garbage from their windows and balconies so it is unsafe! Some squatters have taken over someones apt since they moved and housing isnt kicking them out. The building is filled with drug addicts and dealers and police are busting down doors doing raids often. Do yourself a favour, DONT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING!!!

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I lived @ this address & lived with bebugs on & off for 18 months..I thru out my funiture the 1st time & moved the 2nd time of treatment, leaving behind all my furniture..it is so bad in this building that unless everyone is put in a hotel & the whole building treated at once, it's never going to get done right. I went to the Tribunal to try & get compensated for all my items & the case was dismissed..this city is very quickly becoming a BUG INFESTED HOLE!!! The government & health bor nee to te

p up & deal with this beore there is nowhere to live in the city of HAMILTON

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I am moving in dec 1st 2010. I went to clean place today they told me it was fumigated 2 weeks ago but they lied cuz I FOUND COCKROACHES. If they had the roaches I found would have been dead. THE BUILDING IS INFESTED WITH BED BUGS AND ROACHES!!! IF U ARE MOVING INTO THIS BUILDING MAKE SURE U GET UR APT FUMIGATED B4 U MOVE IN!!!

This whole building is infested with bed bugs. The exterminators are always here treating apartments.

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